In the February 2023 edition of Elle, model Kaia Gerber discusses her life, including her modelling career, nepotism, and more.

Elle’s February 2023 cover model, Kaia Gerber, is being candid with readers. Cass Bird snapped these photos of a model wearing a gold dress with glittering embroidery by Celine’s Hedi Slimane. She completed her look with Frank B at Home Agency’s signature winged eyeliner.

“Model and face of @celine, #KaiaGerber, is starting a new chapter, replete with a nascent acting career and a fresh perspective on life after the pandemic pushed her to slow down,” Elle said on Instagram Tuesday with a photo of the magazine’s newest cover featuring Gerber.

Gerber poses in a number of fashionable outfits against a seaside setting for Elle’s cover story.

Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber talked candidly to Elle for the magazine’s cover story, touching on topics like nepotism, her modelling career, and her acting forays.

Although Gerber began her modelling career at the tender age of 16, she now considers herself a well-seasoned 21-year-old.

Model Kaia Gerber hits back at Hollywood 'nepo baby' narrative
Source: NY Times

She reflected on her early life and how her exposure to travel had shaped her. “What I learned was truly remarkable. In this photo album, I have preserved the memories of my formative years. Your physical self, interests, and preferences all evolve as you mature. My exposure to so many talented people has influenced my preferences. I take up a lot of information as an observer.”

The famous model addressed the issue of favouritism in her remarks. Yes, the sea divides, Gerber confirmed. When I first began out as a model, people were constantly exclaiming, “Oh my God, your mom is so iconic!” to which I would reply, “She’s my mom.”

Gerber praised Crawford’s enormous celebrity power, but she also credited Crawford’s mother for teaching her daughter the value of being punctual, remembering names, and being friendly to everyone she meets. In addition, her mother taught her the value of gratitude and the significance of documenting significant life events.

Another thing she told me was, “I wish I had written more down,” because “you think you’re going to remember these beautiful experiences forever, and one day, it’s hard to even identify what shoot it was, where it happened, and when,” she added. And so I recorded my thoughts in a diary.

The question is, where does Kaia Gerber go from here?

She is branching out from her modelling profession to give acting a go, with future roles in the film Bottoms and the TV series Ms. American Pie.

“I felt like I was playing these different personas for so long as a model, which was very fun, and I still like doing that,” Gerber said. But I think today, since acting allows me to do that and is my main focus, I value the moments when I feel seen as the person I am.

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