Who is Robert Hur’s wife Cara? Biden special counsel met his partner on a train

Robert Hur, a special counsel, will investigate President Joe Biden’s handling of sensitive materials. Who, though, is Hur? What is included in his experience? Who is Robert Hur’s wife, exactly?

According to US Attorney General Merrick Garland, “In the public interest” was the selection of a special prosecutor to oversee the inquiry. When there may be conflicts of interest with an investigation, this occurs.

This nomination, in Garland’s words, “underscores for the public the Department’s commitment to both independence and responsibility in particularly sensitive areas, and to making decisions unequivocally guided only by the facts and the law.”

Who is Robert Hur?

Hur, a product of Stanford Law School and Harvard College, most recently served as a partner in the Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher office in Washington, DC.

Donald Trump selected Hur to lead Maryland’s federal law enforcement agency in 2018.

But when the former president left office in 2021, he resigned from that job.

Hur has also worked for Christopher Wray at the justice department as an assistant and was the senior advisor to former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Robert Hur
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What has Hur said about the investigation?

Hur swore he would conduct the inquiry “with fair, objective, and dispassionate judgement.”

He declared: “I want to pursue the facts promptly and completely, without fear or favour, and I will uphold the confidence given to me to carry out this job.”

The Hill claims that Hur has received the distinguished service award from the attorney general. This recognition is offered to persons who have excelled in their legal careers.

Who is Hur’s wife, Cara?

Cara Elizabeth Hur (née Brewer), Hur’s wife, is also a licenced attorney. She graduated from George Washington University with a law degree and the University of Maryland, College Park, with a political science degree.

Cara Hur maintains online privacy. Over 350 people follow her on Instagram, but it is private.

She also has a Facebook account where she primarily posts images of her family, particularly her husband and kids, and educational content.

2004 saw the marriage of Hur and Cara Hur in Ellicott City. David Brewer, Cara Hur’s brother, performed the marriage ceremony at Glen Mar United Methodist Church.

Robert Hur and his wife met on a train

Hur and Cara Hur met on a train in Washington, DC, in 2002, as she was travelling to a job interview and he was travelling to work.

Hur admitted to The New York Times in 2004 that he was “I’m not going to be that guy who hits on a woman in the metro,” despite being impressed by Cara’s appearance.

Finally, Cara started a discussion. Hur gave Cara a ticket to the Supreme Court before the train stopped to gain her phone number.

“He gave me the ticket and then asked me out to dinner,” Cara remarked. He seized the chance wholeheartedly.

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