What happened to Riverside county Deputy Darnell Calhoun? Shot and killed in Lake Elsinore, Who is the suspect?

The Department regrets to inform you of the passing of Deputy Darnell Calhoun, who was most recently employed at the Lake Elsinore Station. On January 13, 2023, Deputy Calhoun was fatally shot while performing his duties. He had 30 years on him.

On February 24, 2022, Darnell Calhoun started working for our agency as a deputy sheriff and was given a station assignment in Lake Elsinore. Before being employed by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Calhoun spent two years working for the San Diego Police Department.

What happened to Deputy Darnell Calhoun?

On Friday, a Riverside County deputy was shot and killed during a confrontation near Lake Elsinore.

Darnell Calhoun, a deputy with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office who had just been transferred, was responding to a report near Lake Elsinore at the time of the shooting.

Sheriff Chad Bianco confirmed that a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department (RSO) deputy died after being shot on Friday afternoon while pursuing a suspect at a location close to Lake Elsinore.

RSO recognised Deputy Darnell Calhoun as the dead deputy. The Riverside Country police tweeted that they had learned of his passing and added,

The San Diego police department was where Calhoun, 30, began his career as a law enforcement officer. He spent two years working there until recently relocating to Riverside County.

Calhoun was given charge of the Lake Elsinore station. He was the most upbeat, upbeat, extraordinary, wholesome individual you could imagine, according to Bianco.

Darnell leaves his pregnant wife and unborn child behind. Darnell is a Murrieta native and the well-known Calhoun’s BBQ restaurant owner.

Lake Elsinore shooting explained:

According to the RSO, the incident happened on Friday around 4:30 p.m. in Lakeland Village, a Lake Elsinore bordering unincorporated community, in the 18500 block of Hilldale Lane, just east of Grand Avenue.

The first person on the site was Calhoun. When a second officer arrived, he found Calhoun bleeding out in the roadway. It is unknown what happened after that.

The second deputy and the suspect then exchanged gunfire, which resulted in the shooting of the suspect.

Calhoun was treated at the nearby Inland Valley Medical Center in Wildomar immediately. Unfortunately, the department on Friday stated that he had gone away just before 8 o’clock.

A press conference with Sheriff Bianco will occur at 9:00 pm at 36320 Inland Valley, Wildomar, according to the police.

riverside county deputy darnell calhoun
Image Source: The Republic Monitor

Who is the suspect?

Currently, it is uncertain who the suspect is. Officials reported that the shooting suspect was seriously hurt by a second officer who arrived shortly after Calhoun was shot. The same hospital received both of the suspects.

The Riverside Police Department captured the suspect. The information was corroborated by a tweet from the police department that said the culprit was “in custody.”

There is still no information from the Riverside Police Department regarding the suspect’s condition.

According to the press briefing, deputy Darnell Calhoun was killed while responding to a report about domestic violence (a child custody dispute).

When his backup deputy showed up, he discovered Deputy Calhoun lying in the street. The suspect was severely injured during the exchange of gunfire.

Tributes to Deputy Calhoun:

No words can adequately convey to our brothers and sisters in the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department how deeply the passing of Deputy Darnell Calhoun saddens us. You, his loved ones, and his friends are in our prayers. We’ll remember him, weep for him, and support you in every way.

Our hearts are devastated by the news that a second deputy from @RSO has died in the past two weeks. In this awful moment, our thoughts and condolences are with the Riverside County SO and the family of Deputy Darnell Calhoun. EOW: 1/13/2023

Deputy Darnell Calhoun gave his life protecting Riverside County’s citizens this afternoon, and SBPD is heartbroken by his passing. We sincerely condolences to @RSO’s family, friends, and coworkers.

We lament Deputy Darnell Calhoun’s passing this evening. We appreciate the Lake Elsinore Sheriff’s Station’s hard work and commitment to our neighbourhood.

The horrific murder of @RSO Deputy Darnell Calhoun this evening in Lake Elsinore is mourned by our office and his friends, family, and comrade officers.

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