How did Papa Ajasco aka Femi Ogunrombi die? Nollywood Actor Cause of Death Explained

Femi Ogunrombi, better known by his stage name Papa Ajasco, was a prominent Nollywood comedy actor.

Ogunrombi gained fame for his part in Wale Adenuga’s comedy series Papa Ajasco, in which he filled in for Abiodun Ayoyinka when the latter withdrew from the show’s focus on the Ajasco family and its interactions with outsiders.

He was well-known as a comedic actor, music director, and producer in the film industry.

He served as the Nigerian National Troupe’s music director.

What happened to Papa Ajasco?

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Papa Ajasco Cause of death

Husseini provided minimal specifics. Nevertheless, he stated that the renowned actor died on January 14, 2023.

Apart from the confirmation of his passing, it is now unknown precisely what caused his death, and Femi Ogunrombi’s precise cause of death was not disclosed either.

We are attempting to contact Femi’s friends and family to learn more about his passing. This section will be updated as soon as we remember more information regarding the tragedy that made so many people cry.

 Femi Ogunrombi
Image Source: Vanguard News

Who was Femi Ogunrombi ?

He was a composer, voice coach, music and video director, and multi-instrumentalist. For his role in Wale Adenuga’s comedy series Papa Ajasco, Ogunrombi was well-known.

Ogunrombi took up the role of Papa Ajasco after the previous character, Abiodun Ayoyinka, quit the show. Mr Femi Ogunrombi took over and played Papa Ajasco for the remainder of the part when the last character, Abiodun Ayoyinka, left the show.

Obafemi Awolowo University was where Femi Ogunrombi pursued her studies in music and theatre. He worked with the Tenstrings Music Institute, wap TV, the National Troupe of Nigeria, and others.

90’s Famous show   

The renowned 1990s programme was this. Every child eagerly anticipated the appearance of Papa Ajasco on television to entertain and instruct children who were old enough to attend school.

As we stayed glued to our TVs to watch and giggle uncontrollably at the typical jokes and antics they demonstrated on set, characters like Papa Ajasco and Mama Ajasco made childhood days very nostalgic and fascinating.

He is an accomplished Nigerian comedian, producer, and musician. Femi Ogunrombi oversaw the music for the National Troupe of Nigeria for around ten years. Before becoming renowned as the well-known comedy character Papa Ajasco, he served as the Director of Studies at the Pencil Film and Television Institute in Lagos. He has over three decades of experience working as a musicologist.

Condolences Posted on Social Media

Following the announcement of Mr Femi’s passing, many eulogies were posted online as Nigerians as a whole, the entertainment business, and the deceased’s family were shown support.

The deceased was Femi Ogunrombi. Actor, singer, highlife artist, and nurse by training, Papa Ajasco Our youth was shaped by this man. I pray that he has a safe travel home.

The deceased was Femi Ogunrombi. Actor, singer, highlife, and nurse by training, Papa Ajasco Our youth was shaped by this man. May God wish him a safe return trip.

Femi Ogunrombi, a seasoned actor AKA Dead is Papa Ajasco. Many individuals are utilising pictures of the original father, Ajasco, Mr Abiodun Ayoyinka; however, the person who passed away was Mr Femi Ogunrombi, who took up the role after Mr Abiodun Ayoyinka left the programme. RIP, may his soul be.

‘Papa Ajasco’ of the TV comedy series Femi Ogunrombi, a veteran Nollywood actor and licenced practical nurse, has passed away. Before his passing, Ogunrombi wrote more than 20 national anthems and appeared in several motion pictures. I pray for peace for his soul.

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