David Walsh, Windy Wagner’s co-writer, died. Did he committed suicide?

Windy Wagner, a singer/songwriter, collaborated with David Walsh on many songs.

He also played guitar in the band Black Cherry with vocalist Paul Black.

Windy Wagner is a singer-songwriter. She has performed and acted with many of music’s greatest artists, including Elton John, k.d. lang, Queen Latifah, James Taylor, Cyndi Lauper, Joe Cocker, and Sting. She is a vocalist and composer, as well as a vocal contractor.

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She looks for vocalists that are a good fit for the show, precisely like a casting director. She has provided vocals for the movie New Year’s Eve, Rock of Ages, the 2011 Academy Awards (Gwenyth Paltrow’s performance), and an episode of House. She appeared in commercials for Barbie, T.J. Maxx, Sea World, Hanes, Dell Computers, Sketchers, Disneyland, Lexus, and Skittles, among others.

David Walsh’s cause of death

According to Windy Wagner’s Facebook post, David Walsh committed suicide and died. His reason for death is still unknown. We seek to contact David Walsh’s friends and family to learn more about his demise. This section will be changed as soon as there is new information about the sad event that made many people cry. The death of David Walsh has left the community in mourning.

How did David Walsh die?

Windy Wagner’s co-writer and singer-songwriter, David Walsh, has died. Windy Wagner shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook.

Tributes to David Walsh

Paul Mars Black wrote,

“RIP David Walsh. Dear David, I’m crushed, shocked and broken hearted. I was going to call you the other day. I’m always going to regret that I didn’t. I read your letter. I know the feeling. You are a brilliant guitarist and I loved writing songs with you. I wish we could have gotten together to record one more time. I love you and I will miss you forever. ~Paul”

Phillip Lamond wrote,

“Back in another lifetime, I managed a band called Black Cherry, it was a wild time, it was a wild band! Lead singer Paul Black, (original lead singer of LA Guns) went on to become a successful real estate agent, drummer Scott Lipps started his own modeling agency and podcast, and guitarist David Walsh became a rock star with another band, but all that is in the past, we’re a lot older and wiser and yet David chose to end his life, suddenly, another tragic start to this new year, such a talented musician and one hell of a sweet guy. RIP David you will be sincerely missed.”

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