The Former Music Icon Country Boy Eddie died at 92?

Country Boy Eddie was a WBRC treasure and an icon of Alabama country music. Gordon Edwards Burns, better known as Country Boy Eddie, began selling Garden Spot Seeds door to door at 13 to purchase his first violin. Eddie launched the Country Boy Eddie Show on WBRC in 1957. He came to notoriety in Alabama as the host of country music shows that broadcast for 38 years. Several celebrities have been on his program throughout the years (before they were massive stars). Country Boy Eddie had a music show in Nashville as well.

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How did Country Boy Eddie die?

“Country Boy Eddy died softly this morning at his home in Warrior,” a family member said. Country Boy Eddie’s death was assumed to be natural and the result of old age. Burns, the youngest of eight children reared on his family’s 200-acre farm in Blount County, had aspired to be a radio personality since he was ten years old and a fan of the Grand Ole Opry’s Curley Fox. In 1946, he learned to play the violin and joined Happy Hal Burns’ band for a performance on the Variety Show on WBRC-Crossroads AM.

What happened to Country Boy Eddie?

Gordon Edwards Burns, better known as Country Boy Eddie, was a country singer, guitarist, and fiddler who presented the WBRC-famous Country Boy Eddie Show from 1957 through 1993. The awful news was conveyed on Twitter by Mike Dubberly, GDA.

Tributes to Country Boy Eddie

Russell Jones of WBRC stated Eddie, the country boy, died. All those years, I recall watching him at my Grandfather’s house. I couldn’t wait to interview him when he reached 90. He’s an Alabama legend! I am delighted to be able to name Country Boy Eddie my buddy, wrote Janice Rogers of WBRC. We learned this morning that he had died. There are so many memories. What a life – what a gift for Alabama. #restinpeacecountryboyeddie.Bull Corry stated I was saddened to learn of Country Boy Eddie’s death.

Eddie was a living legend. He and my Pop were friends, which led to the filming of “Country Boy Eddie’s Old Time Christmas” at Old York Farms. He will be greatly missed. Our condolences and prayers go out to the Burns family.

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