Did Tori Ciseau commit suicide? what happened to her?

Tori and her husband, James, starred in the third season of Bride and Prejudice in 2019, in which the builder sought to win over the society mother of his bride-to-be, Mary-Ann before the pair married.

During his wedding to Tori, shown on the show, he lifted an eyebrow as he told her, “I love the s**t out of you.”

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“We’ve had our ups and downs, but you make me the happiest person on the planet. “I pledge to love you forever, to be the best husband and parent I can be,” he said.

“I’ll make you the happiest person in the planet, and I adore you.” Tori and her disapproving mother reconciled after the wedding, with Mary-Ann admitting that she wanted her daughter to be happy.

James Ciseau, who played in Bride and Prejudice, died in a car accident in Beerwah, Queensland, in 2021.

Despite apparently parting up within a year of his death, Tori paid tribute to her late husband on Instagram, calling his death a “horror.”

“One day, I’ll awaken from this nightmare… “We shall all be together again one day,” she added.

“Until then, your two lovely newborn daughters will grow up in your legacy. “I guarantee I will fulfil all we had planned with the girls.”

Tori wishes she could go back in time. “James Lucas Sabien Ciseau, I loved you from the beginning, I love you now, and I shall love you forever.”

Tori Ciseau’s cause of death

Tori Ciseau died as a result of suicide. So Dramatic reports that the Bride and Prejudice actor committed suicide on January 1, 31.

Sources close to Tori relayed the heartbreaking news on Saturday.

Tori’s final Instagram post before her death highlighted her two children:

“The nicest days are spent by the pool with these two.”

She captioned the post, “So proud of my babies and how far they have come. There are definitely hard days being a solo mum, but all I have to do is look at things like this and remember that no matter what we 3 girls have so much to be great full for. The love and laughter we share together are unbreakable.”

Tori Ciseau commit suicide? 

According to So Dramatic, the Bride and Prejudice actress committed suicide on January 1 at 31.

Tori and her husband were survived by their daughters Olivia-Rose, six, and Bella-Pearl, three, both of whom were seen in Tori’s farewell Instagram post.

In 2019, Sarah and James starred on Channel Seven’s reality show The Bride and Prejudice.

He was killed in a head-on collision in Beerwah, Queensland, on November 29, 2021.

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