How did Jerruelle Jazzen Guevara die? Skies adventure mod manufacturer cause of death Explained

When he was only 18, Jerruelle Jazzen Guevara, commonly known as SkiesAdventureModManufacturer (S.A.M.M. ), passed away. Let’s examine S.A.M.M.’s demise in more detail and the passing of Jerruelle Jazzen Guevara.

How did Jerruelle Jazzen Guevara die?

The teenage video gamer of Skies Adventure, Skies Adventure Mod Manufacturer (S.A.M.M. ), went dead on January 9, 2023. On the Facebook page of Skies Adventure, Jai posted a note confirming his passing.

Jerruelle Jazzen Guevara
Image Source: The Republic Monitor

Jeruelle Jazzen Guevara cause of death:

At 18, Mod Maker Guevara, aka SAMM passed away.

Bussid PH MODS shared their condolences on social media with the following message:

“On behalf of BUSSID PH MODS, this is to inform you that Jerruelle Jazzen Guevara, better known as “Skies Adventure Mod Manufacturer,” passed away on January 9, 2023. S.A.M.M. was 18 years old.

He was a fantastic modder and a terrific friend to everyone. He joined our team in 2020 and has made numerous contributions to the gaming industry, particularly in B.U.S.S.I.D.

One of the most significant accomplishments in the Philippine B.U.S.S.I.D. mod business was produced by S.A.A.M., who made his mods enterable and altered the animations on compartments and the engine bay. Let’s join together in prayer for his soul’s peace. It will be missed having your BUSSID PH MODS crew.

Lord, grant him eternal rest and let Your unending light shine upon them. Through God’s grace, may his soul find peace.

However, Guevara’s cause of death was kept a secret. On social media, his friends and supporters paid him respect.

Tributes to Jerruelle Jazzen Guevara:

BETHEL SIR Jerruelle, REST IN PEACE, Sky Adventure. WE MISS YOU. I’m hearing your mod a lot right now.

The world will miss you. If I’m correct, the A-8030 I own has a mod, which I’m using now. Friends disappearing My friend, stop hurting, and I’ll see you later.

Skyes Adventure has passed away. Rest in peace, Skyes Adventure.

Regards, po. I expect somebody to look after his possessions and this page.

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