How did Cassie James die? Mighty Radio Presenter Cause of death Explained

A local radio presenter named Cassie James bravely battled her illness for a long time, but ultimately it became too much for her to handle, and she went away. Since this information was made public, we have been dealing with a terrible sense of betrayal and loss. Quite a considerable time has passed since this started. People who worked with Cassie at Mighty Radio, the local community radio station, will miss her dearly and long for her after she leaves.

What happened to Cassie James?

After learning that she only has six months to live, a well-known Southport radio host says she is “devastated, heartbroken, and afraid.”

Cassie, a Southport resident, has battled melanoma in her foot and groyne, bilateral breast cancer, a brain tumour, and other conditions. Stacey Wright, an H&M designer in Sweden, and Jonny Wright, a conveyancer who lives and works in Manchester, are Cassie’s two children.

Cassie James Cause of death

After a protracted fight with cancer, Cassie James passed away. Cancer was found to be incurable. In August 2016, she received a diagnosis of bilateral breast cancer. Medical professionals also found a lesion in her brain that they believed was caused by her breast cancer. She discovered she also had melanoma on her foot sole halfway through her treatment.

Cassie James
Image Source: Liverpool Echo

Cassie’s Previous Medical History

Having been given just six months to live, a well-known Southport radio personality declares that she is “devastated, heartbroken, and terrified.” There is only one chance for Cassie James, who has cancer in her breast, lungs, skin, and leg. She must make enough money to pay for expensive but effective therapy in Israel. It costs £120,000 for this procedure.

To raise money for the 60-year-old mother of two children, friends have now set up a fundraising campaign on the Just Giving website.

Cassie, a Mighty FM radio host, said: “On July 13, I received the call of a lifetime from the hospital Clatter bridge specialist telling me: “I have six months to live. I recently learned that I now require specialised care to maintain my life. Only in Israel is this procedure accessible, and it costs £120,000. I’m terrified, heartbroken, and devastated.

Devastated, heartbroken, and scared

The funds will go toward a treatment not available in this country yet could save my life. Sadly, I do not have that kind of money, despite my fantastic Clatter bridge team sending me the information and recommendations for this treatment.

“I also have breast cancer, but because there is currently no medical proof of my condition, it is not done in the UK for someone like me. Because I can no longer walk properly, I need a wheelchair when I go outside.

I am not eligible to enrol in a trial since I have two types of cancer. I’m aware of how unfair this is.

She is using natural and alternative remedies to stop the progression and slow it down as much as possible. In the UK, there are just two other people in my condition. Now is the time to raise the funds to fly me to Israel, where I can try to live. The price will be roughly £120,000, which includes the TILS and any other medication they believe I will require.

Gone through a Lot of Pain

The melanoma on the bottom of Cassie’s foot had to be excised immediately before she began radiation treatment for her breast cancer. After completing chemotherapy for her breast cancer, she had to undergo radiation treatment while using crutches for more than four months.

A year after the melanoma removal on the bottom of her foot, she learned she also had the disease in her groyne. Cassie needed surgery, and ten nodes in her crotch had to be taken out. As a result, she suffered from excruciatingly painful lymphedema.

Despite her suffering and strenuous obstacles, Cassie volunteered to host for Mighty Radio, a Southport-based community radio station. She gave the Southport community incredible support throughout the lockdown by informing the listeners about all the open neighbourhood businesses and making deliveries while also calling attention to those who required assistance.

Condolences Posted

“The community of Southport is really proud of Cassie,” said Fiona Aldred of Mighty FM. “Despite everything she has been through, she has worked and continues to help and support the community.”

“Cassie has been at Mighty from the very beginning,” stated Paul Tasker, manager of Mighty FM Station. Since we started on FM, she has dedicated her time and labour to her radio show every day. Even her hospital appointments have been worked around so she can continue to host radio programmes from home. She has occasionally hosted radio broadcasts from her hospital bed. She gives her task her all.

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