Story of Ashlee Harmon: Through her faith in Christ, she was able to pardon her husband’s killer.

The life of Ashlee Harmon is marked by tragedy and forgiving others. At Utah State University in 2003, Harmon met and fell in love with Emmett Corrigan. Prior to having two sons and five daughters, the couple wed in March 2004. Harmon remained at home to raise the children while Emmett started a law firm.

Harmon experienced a broken home growing up, and she didn’t want her kids to go through the same thing. Although she believed Emmett had been having an affair, she was adamant about continuing the marriage.

Emmett’s husband, with whom he was having an affair, shot him dead, ending Ashlee’s hopes of forging a strong relationship with him. Till Death Us Do Part: Three Pops and a Pause on Investigation Discovery featured the subsequent investigation.

Because of her Christian faith, Ashlee has pardoned the man who killed her husband.

She wanted to give her children a different upbringing, but Emmett’s wandering eye put their marriage in jeopardy. Harmon had reason to believe Emmett had been cheating, but she lacked proof. According to Ashlee, Investigation Discovery.

The kids started asking, “Does he live here anymore? He’s always at work. I started thinking there’s got to be another woman or something. ‘”.

Ashlee had prepared a special evening for the couple on the day of Emmett’s murder. Ashlee and Emmett got into a fight after Emmett’s tardy arrival home, and he then left to go buy some medication from a pharmacy. In reality, he had set up a meeting with Kandi Hall, his paralegal and lover.

Unfortunately, Kandi’s husband Rob Hall found out about the meet and intervened. Rob challenged Emmett and shot him dead. After Ashlee learned of Emmett’s infidelity and death from the police, she was overcome by a range of conflicting feelings. She uttered:

I asked him to stay at home and defend me, but he died defending the wife of someone else. It was a true emotional roller coaster, and it simply didn’t make sense. I kept asking myself why I wasn’t enough. Why wasn’t I sufficient for a spouse who had a chance and a moment?'”

When Ashlee prayed in her closet, a voice told her to “find forgiveness and peace,” so she did just that. Ashlee looked to the heavens for guidance. She used prayer, meditation, and writing to forgive the person who killed her husband. “My pain is not caused by other people. Now I understand that,” Ashlee told Jason Wright, the author. “Forgiveness is a process; we cannot simply take a magic pill and declare, “OK, I have finally forgiven! It is a lifelong journey that we cannot undertake on our own. “.

By becoming deeply involved in religion, Harmon was able to forgive and find peace. Building a relationship with the One who can and always will heal us is a journey, the speaker continued. “A firmer resolve to believe Him when He says that He will always be with me and to trust His plan. “.

The Moments We Stand was written by Ashlee, who also founded the charitable organisation A Reason to Stand. A non-profit convention offers HEALING and HOPE for anybody who has ever been shattered, according to the organization’s Instagram page.

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