Lincoln Almond Died: Former RI Gov. Lincoln Almond dies at 86.

Lincoln Almond, a federal prosecutor who went after the Mafia as governor of Rhode Island for two terms, has passed away. He was 86.

Gov. Dan McKee announced Almond’s demise on Tuesday morning, the day before he is set to take the oath of office for his first full term.

Lincoln Almond, a former governor of Rhode Island, passed away, stated to McKee on Tuesday, “Susan and I are heartbroken to learn of his departure.”

After an unsuccessful run for governor in 1978, Almond was finally successful in 1994. At the time, a major banking crisis, Democrat Bruce Sundlun’s erratic administration, and a slew of corruption scandals had left Rhode Islanders in a state of shock. Two state Supreme Court justices and a former governor had also had their reputations tarnished.

How did Lincoln Almond die?

Lincoln Almond, a federal prosecutor who served as Rhode Island’s governor for two terms and pursued the Mafia, has died. He was 86.

Almond ran successfully for governor in 1994 after a failed campaign in 1978.

The repercussions of a catastrophic banking crisis, Democrat Bruce Sundlun’s erratic administration as governor, and a string of corruption scandals that ruined the careers of two Louisiana Supreme Court justices and a former governor were still being felt by Rhode Islanders at the time.

Lincoln Almond
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Lincoln Almond cause of death:

Early in 2001, Almond was diagnosed with prostate cancer. However, the statement omitted information on Lincoln Almond’s cause of death.

“Governor Almond, the first governor to hold a four-year term, frequently cited making Rhode Island a desirable location to live, work, and raise a family as his top priority.

According to McKee, Rhode Island was better off because of his eight years in office. “Whether it was increasing the number of state-subsidized child care seats, increasing education aid, investing in the state’s higher education institutions, creating thousands of well-paying jobs, or laying the groundwork for Quonset to become the economic engine it is today, Rhode Island was better off because of his eight years in office.

Tuesday will mark the start of McKee’s first full term. Due to the resumption of the national dot-com boom and downtown renovation, the state added almost 22,000 jobs during Almond’s first term.

But in 1968, when he ran as the Republican contender to succeed Democratic Congressman Fernand St Germain, he only garnered 38% of the vote.

Who was Lincoln Carter Almond?

June 16, 1936, saw the birth of Lincoln Almond Carter. He belonged to the Republican Party and was an American lawyer and politician.

In addition to serving as Rhode Island’s 72nd governor from 1995 to 2003, Almond served as the state’s U.S. attorney for Rhode Island from 1969 to 1978, 1981 to 1993, and 1995 to 1978.

The son of a bakery salesman from Pawtucket, Lincoln Carter Almond attended Central Falls High School before being born.

After serving in the U.S. Navy, he attended the University of Rhode Island, where he met his future wife, Marilyn, and later earned his bachelor’s degree and a law degree.

The newly minted lawyer immediately entered politics, serving three whole terms as Lincoln’s town administrator beginning in 1963.

The newly elected Republican president chose Almond to serve as the next U.S. attorney for Rhode Island. He would hold this position for almost twenty years, except for a three-year hiatus in the late 1970s under the Democratic administration of Jimmy Carter.

The Italian mafia, whose notorious leader Raymond L.S. Patriarca passed away in 1984, was brought to justice by Almond as a U.S. Attorney by working with other law enforcement officials.

He also participated in investigations into corruption that looked at various concerns involving public officials, such as one of his predecessors as governor and fellow Republican Ed DiPrete.

By defeating Ronald Machtley, who had received party endorsement, in the GOP primary for governor in 1994, Almond beat both York and the independent Bob Healey in the November election with 47% of the vote.

He was pleased to become the first Rhode Island University alumnus elected governor. Over the years, Almond developed a reputation as a reasonable man of character. Still, he periodically faced criticism for what was seen as a lack of work ethic, particularly after undergoing surgery for prostate cancer in early 2001.

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