Josie George found dead: What happened to the missing women?

Last weekend, a woman who had been reported missing after leaving a party was found dead. Josie George, a London-based independent creative director and casting agent, was last seen riding in an Uber as she left a party in West London on Sunday, December 18.

Concern for her welfare rose among her friends and relatives. Tonight, the Met Police officially announced that Josie was discovered deceased on Tuesday, December 20, following a search. It has been said that her death was unexpected but not suspicious.

According to a Met Police spokesperson: “Police were called to a hotel in Tower Bridge Road, SE1, just before 11.30 a.m. on Tuesday, December 20, after a woman’s body was discovered there.

“Investigations are being conducted into the death, which is being considered as unexpected but not suspicious. Her surviving relatives have been notified. For the coroner, a report will be created.”

Josie’s friends and family paid tribute to her on social media. One of them, Sly Augustin, wrote on Instagram: “Sadly, on December 19, our good buddy Josie George died away.

“Her family and friends are understandably grieving and attempting to cope with the loss. In this incredibly heartbreaking time, we humbly request that her family and friends be allowed time to process her passing. Many thanks.”

A different acquaintance, Beej, claimed just before she passed away that she had vanished in London after taking an Uber home.

Josie George
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What happened to the missing women?

Independent creative director and casting agent Josie George, who resides in London, was the last saw getting into an Uber to leave a gathering on Sunday, December 18.

At that point, she was listed as missing. Concerns for her welfare increased among her friends and relatives.

The Met Police has disclosed that Josie was found deceased on Tuesday, December 20, after a search. Her death was reported as surprising, albeit not suspicious.

The Met Police reports that Josie’s relatives have been told of the tragedy.


Recently, there has been a tonne of tributes for Josie, who also held a position as a creative director in the city.

Sly Augustin, a pal, posted the following on Instagram:

“Our good friend Josie George died away on Monday, December 19th, much to our sadness. Naturally, she leaves her friends and family in shock and grief. We humbly request that her loved ones be given time to grieve and process her passing at this challenging time. Thank you

Another buddy, Beej, said that she had taken an Uber home and disappeared in London shortly before she passed dead.

Among my friends,

“Josie George was always at the centre of everything enjoyable, causing trouble, making shows, and sharing adventures. I don’t have all the words to express how much light and love she brought into my life. Protector of the clan, it’s difficult to picture the world without Josie, who always made an entrance and filled the space as no one else could. I’m sending my love to her family and all my old and new friends.

“Josie will always be remembered for enhancing our lives with her positive energy, warmth, compassion, genuineness, vitality, support, brilliance, spontaneity, and limitless enthusiasm. It was an enormous honour to call Josie a friend since she brought sunshine into every space she entered.

One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must terminate somewhere. Sadly, the person’s time on earth has ended with their death.

We send our prayers, thoughts, and wishes for eternal peace to her family, friends, and loved ones. May she rest in peace.

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