Who is Patrizio Buanne? Is Patrizio Buanne Married?

Patrizio Franco Buanne was born in Vienna, situated in Austria, on 20 September 1978. He is a famous Italian-Austrian baritone songwriter, singer and producer.

Patrizio Buanne was born to parents Franco and Alina Buanne. He lived his childhood while living and travelling between the two famous grand, historical cities named Vienna, which is renowned as “The heart of Europe”, and: Naples, which is situated in Italy and is also known as the capital of the Mediterranean.

He has had a passion for learning different languages from a premature age. At the University of Vienna and Rome, he studied Roman and Slavic languages. He used to speak Neapolitan, Italian, German, English, French, Spanish and Polish, and he also developed an affection for music. He is inspired by classic Italian songs.

He is a cheerfully married man with a daughter currently living in Austria. His daughter’s name is Alina Josephine.

Career Points of Patrizio Buanne:

Between the age of 11 and 17, Buanne participated in and then won many talent competitions. A manager also proposed to him on the occasion of the Papal visit to Wroclaw, situated in Poland when he was 17.

At 19, he passed his graduation from school in Vienna and later moved to Rome. In 2006, he was invited by the Chairman of the National Italian American Foundation to perform in Washington. D.C., and there he meets the President of the United States. The second album of Buanne, Forever Begins Tonight, was released in 2007 and ranked No.15 in the UK. In 2013, he also dedicated a song to his fans named Wunderbar.

He performed at many or countless events or concerts in his life and performed for his fans around the world. He also works continuously for 15 years with the best musicians and with the most renowned studios in the world. His famous movie is All the Queen’s Men.

Personal Life of Patrizio Buanne:

Francesca Mignosa wife of Patrizio Buanne
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Francesca Mignosa

Patrizio Buanne gets married on 28 November 2019 to Francesca Mignosa. They are together since 20219 and are happily living in Austria. They also have a daughter named Alina Josephine. He has a total net worth of around 5 Million US dollars. His main source of earning is singing. He has more than 4 Million views on YouTube. In the past few years, his net worth increases rapidly.

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