How did WalyCris Wanyengo die? WalyCris Wanyengo cause of death.

A car accident claimed the life of Achalume actor Walycris Wanyengo.

The musician reportedly perished in an accident in Zimbabwe while travelling back to his home country from South Africa, where he had performed.

The stories say that Walycris was killed instantly when a truck struck the MaTours bus he was riding in.

With his Yao flavour, Walycris dominated the Malawian music scene. He started to reap the rewards of his labour when he passed away.

How did WalyCris Wanyengo die?

Achalume celebrity WalyCris Wanyengo was killed in an accident.

The heartbreaking information was posted on Facebook by WalyCris’ coworker Phyzix.

A different colleague of his also discussed WalyCris’s demise.

WalyCris Wanyengo’s cause of death

A bus accident was the cause of death for WalyCris Wanyengo.

The performer, who had been to South Africa to play, reportedly died in an accident in Zimbabwe while returning to his home country.

Furthermore, the sources state that WalyCris died instantly after being struck by a truck while on a Matures bus.

We will update this page as soon as we have more information about WalyCris Wanyengo’s cause of death.

WalyCris Wanyengo
Image Source: Malawi24

Who is WalyCris Wanyengo?

Mr Wyson Laifoh, A Malawian recording artist, singer, actor, and screenwriter, WalyCris (Wanyengo), is better known by his stage name. He established and served as CEO of the Wanyengo Movement Record Label.

On September 25, 1997, he was born at Machinjiri, Blantyre’s Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.

Before starting his intermediate studies at Number Secondary School in Chileka, Blantyre, WalyCris finished his primary education at St. Kizito Primary School in Limbe.

He then enrolled in Soche Technical College to study automotive engineering (SOTEC).

Career Of WalyCris Wanyengo

WalyCris started writing music in 2015, but it was in 2017 that the general world learned about him.

The first track, “Main Chick,” was written and released in 2015 by Mush @ MushBeats. The video for the movie, One dot Filmworks’ Lonely Patricks shot was then made accessible.

Since the start of his career, he has released several songs, such as “Maliya,” which spent four weeks running at the top of the FreshOnZodiak charts on Zodiak TV, “Tsonga,” which featured Bucci, and “Wataya Mwayi,” which included Ababa Sergeant.

WalyCris claims that his passion for music motivated him to seek a career in music.

He named a few musicians he likes listening to King Hyphen, Lucius Banda, Dan Lu, Lulu, Dare Devils, and David Kalilani (formerly Young Kay).

WalyCris mentioned that he is eager to succeed as an international singer and encourage other aspiring musicians to pursue their dreams and succeed in the music industry, just as everyone has life objectives.

Lonely Patricks, Sixpence, Santos, Raj Records, and MushBeats are just a few of the music and video producers he has worked with. WalyCris worked as a part-time motor vehicle engine and became a musician.

Tributes to WalyCris Wanyengo

Many people expressed their love and support for his family by describing how much they cared about him. His admirers and fans are shocked by the news of this incident.

Rip Laifo Son Walycris, a promising young star, was taken by death.

I may not have met him, but I know how horrible death is; therefore, may his soul rest in peace.

“The heartwarming narrative will have you in tears; deepest sympathies to the family of the departed; sleep well gee.”

May Allah Wata Allah bless him, Jannat ul figures. “So sorry he planned kumenya amapiano with u phyzo for not knowing ku mawa kugwa chani.”

One of the worst traumas anyone can go through in life is losing someone they love. There must be a final destination for every voyage. Unfortunately, the person’s time on earth has ended with their death.

We send our thoughts and prayers to his family, friends, and loved ones as we wish him eternal peace. Rest in peace, my dear.

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