Who was Megan Taylor? Jockey Taylor loves to work with animals.

Megan started her career as a professional dancer, receiving training in the UK and New York before touring the globe. In addition to her technical dance abilities, she became interested in the professional dance community and how people helped one another with their professional and personal development while dancing. When she was 21, she founded a network for dancers that offered more direct instruction and support. At this point, she had completed coaching training and was concentrating on creating learning events and programmes.

Megan Preston joined her father, Simon Preston, at RISE in 2015 to determine whether her skills and interest in people development were transferable across industries. As it turns out, dancers and CEOs are both people who are trying to figure out how to be better in their day-to-day challenges, just like her! She has valued the exposure and experience gained by participating in the early stages of RISE, and she is pleased with the network of consultants they have built together and the effect they are having on their clients.

Who was Megan Taylor?

While a student at Andrew Carston’s school in Riccarton, Christchurch, jockey Taylor won 16 races during her career. While riding Jimmy Who for her then-boss, John Blackadder, in June 2021, Taylor won her first race in Timaru.

Taylor said at the time to NZ Racing Desk, “I’ve been working very hard to obtain this, and it happened on my first ride at Timaru. After spending two years in Europe with the New Zealand Olympic equestrian team of Tim and Jonelle Price in preparing their horses for the prestigious Burghley Horse Trials, Taylor began her racing career 18 months earlier.

She explained, “I had worked for Tim and Jonelle for the past years, but when my visa ran out, I returned to New Zealand. When she rode both Koputaroa and Amberecho to victory at Wingatui on May 27, Taylor achieved her maiden double triumph.

Jockey Taylor loves to work with animals

“I’ve always loved working with animals, and after I left school, I worked for three years in a shearing shed in addition to my profession as a groom. That’s how it played out since riding has come very easy to me. People told me I had the physique to be a jockey.

Taylor mentioned her passion for horses in an interview she gave two weeks ago, which inspired her to train to be a jockey. “I’ve always loved horses and enjoyed speed. This is where I want to go, I thought.

“She was a Lovely Girl,” said the trainer of the young jockey.

About two minutes before Megan climbed aboard the horse, we were speaking. She broke down, evidently disturbed, and stated to Stuff, “She was on top of the.

It’s heartbreaking news because she was a lovely and kind girl.

Megan Taylor
Imagr Source: www.megantaylornd.com

Taylor squeezed in a gap with the horses

Before Red Orchid slid into the track and the other three horses could not escape a collision, a trackside photograph of the race made Taylor’s ride appear to be jammed in a gap with horses on either side.

John and Karen Parsons of Balcairn are the trainers of Red Orchid, a four-year-old chestnut mare. Karen Parsons spoke to Taylor immediately before the race began, even though the couple wasn’t present at the Ashburton meeting.

Safety Precautions by the team

“Our crew from Event Health Services was already on site for the event, the spokeswoman continued. “In addition to our first responders, we sent two ambulances and an operations manager to the area.

“One patient was transported to Ashburton Hospital with moderate wounds. Two other people who had minor injuries were inspected and treated right away.

Taylor rode the winners of 16 when she had just finished her third riding season. Four months have passed since Waikato jockey Taiki Yanagida suddenly died from injuries incurred in a race fall at Cambridge before the tragedy.

Races were Postponed

Races were postponed as the racing community mourned Taylor’s passing, which Racing Minister Kieran McAnulty confirmed. After the competition, the gathering was called to a close.

At 1.30 pm, according to the police, they were summoned to an incident at the Ashburton Racecourse. According to information provided to The Herald, at least one other jockey injured in the incident has minor wounds.

According to Hato Hone St John, they received a call concerning an incident at Ashburton Racecourse at 1:06 pm.

Cause of Death

Following a startling race accident in New Zealand on Thursday, trainee jockey Megan Taylor lost her life. Red Orchid, a four-year-old mare, crashed during the 1400-meter maiden race at Ashburton when the 26-year-old was riding her.

In the second race, which featured 14 riders, Taylor was on the horse Red Orchid. The same fall also implicated two different jockeys. As Taylor lay on the track, another horse struck her. When emergency personnel arrived at the collision scene, she was already deceased.

Condolences poured on Social Media

We offer our condolences to Megan’s family, friends, and other members of the racing industry who have been intimately associated with her. The country of New Zealand

Racing of thoroughbreds. We’ll support them wherever we can in the upcoming days and weeks. The jockeys and other participants in today’s races will also have our support.

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