Is Asad Khan dead or alive? What happened to the Kenyan rally driver?

Top rally driver Maxine Wahome is accused of assaulting Asad Khan, yet Khan is still alive.

The driver is still alive and taking his medicine, according to the family, who confirmed this to the Star.

But Safina Hussein Khan, the driver’s sister, disclosed that the driver’s condition is still severe.

“The hospital where we are right now. While we speak, he is having dialysis and is in severe condition. While we hope for his recovery, we ask those spreading false information about his passing to halt and remove their posts, “Safina informed the Star on Wednesday.

Is Asad Khan dead or alive?

The victim of the alleged assault by famed rally racer Maxine Wahome is still alive; his name is Asad Khan. In a statement to the Star, the driver’s family stated that he was still alive and taking his medication.

Driver’s sister Safina Hussein Khan’s statement

According to Safina Hussein Khan, the driver’s sister, the driver is still in critical condition.

The statement followed false claims that Asad had lately passed away. On Tuesday, the family asked for a blood donation for the Safari rally driver. Following that, he was checked into Avenue Hospital in Nairobi’s Parklands.

About the world, The medical staff at Avenue Hospital’s ICU needs five pints of blood with blood group A+ or O+ to continue providing him with care, a per and a present.

Wahome, held on Monday due to Asad’s injuries, was released on Wednesday after posting an Sh100,000 cash bond while the claims of assault are being looked into. She was held in a Kilimani apartment when Asad’s brother, Adila Khan, reported the assault to the police.

Asad Khan
Image Source: Citizen Witness

What happened to the Kenyan rally driver?

Kenyan rally racer Maxine Wahome was arrested on domestic violence charges on Wednesday following an altercation involving her spouse and fellow driver Asad Khan.

Wahome, 26, made history in June when she won the third-tier WRC Safari Rally, becoming the first Kenyan woman to do so. After appearing in court in Nairobi, she was released after posting an $815 cash bail.

The prosecution stated to the court that Wahome had assaulted her spouse, who is 50 years old, on Monday at their apartment and that they had requested for her to be detained for a fortnight.

According to the state’s attorney general, James Gachoka, Khan was “admitted in a High Dependency Unit in bad condition with major deep slashes on the right ankle.”

Wahome has denied the accusations. The Khan family made a social media appeal for blood donations on Tuesday.

Court’s Statement

A woman came before a Nairobi court on Tuesday after being accused of beating her boyfriend, who is currently hospitalised and in critical condition.

But according to the woman, she was the victim and couldn’t be identified because of a ruling by senior principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoa. Insisting that she was a victim and needed protection, the well-known woman asked that the case be heard in private.

Mr Ochoi encouraged barring the two individuals’ names while permitting coverage of yesterday’s events. The magistrate further restricted the media from using their images while deliberating on whether to allow the application this morning.

Asad Khan in ICU

While the boyfriend, a prominent rally driver, continues getting treatment in an intensive care unit (ICU) wing of a Nairobi hospital, his family pleads for blood donations.

Due to the injured partner’s continued severe condition in the high-dependency unit and the police’s request for a 14-day hold on the lady when she appeared in court. According to evidence presented in court, the male allegedly received a severe cut to his ankle from the woman.

Maxine Wahome’s detention

The investigating officer informed the court that the woman was apprehended at their apartment on Monday. The event was reported to the police by the boyfriend’s brother, according to rumours. The place had shattered and bloody glass, according to the officials.

The sobbing woman in the hoodie claimed, via her lawyer, that she was the victim of the assault. According to her, the attacker injured himself while he was hurting her. She requires defence as a victim as well. The lawyer continued, saying that more investigation was needed and it was still too early to tell who was the aggressor and the victim.

The complainant has yet to record his account since, once more, he’s still asleep. Police officers removed her, and she will appear in court this morning to hear the outcome of the investigating officer’s request.

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