During a hike with her husband, a woman was found dead in Zion National Park

At Zion National Park a lady was found dead on Wednesday. just one day ago she started hiking with her husband. Last Thursday National Park Service shared a statement about the event, 33-year-old husband said that he and his wife suffered overnight from extreme cold and his wife also experienced the symptoms of hypothermia. 

But the cause of death is still unknown and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, The National Park Service and the Utah Office are still investigating to find the exact reason behind the death. Zion Canyon is the slimmest and the most popular area of Zion National Park, the woman was found near the narrows of the Virgin River. When the woman was discovered in the park by a group of people, woman’s body was very cold and nonresponsive, CPR is given to the woman before declaring dead.

Apart from all this, the husband’s health was also very down due to the cold. a group of searching people found her husband around the paved trail that leads from Temple of Sinawava, and immediately referred him to Zion Emergency Operations Center.  shuttle drivers of Zion National Park were informed by the visitor that a couple needs urgent help somewhere in the park, during this process when they find the woman and gave CPR to her immodestly.

After getting the basic hospital treatment the man give the information of the whole incident that a day before he and his wife started a hiking trip through the canyon around sixteen miles. National Park officials state that her wife was feeling very cold, and the husband decided to went to help while her wife stayed at the couple’s resting point. 40s and 30s is the temperature of Tuesday night according to weather forecast services.

this tragedy recalls the death of Indian-based Jetal Agnihotri, who died the last summer in the virgin river during a flash flood. she was found after a long search. Zion National Park website provides complete information about what to do on hiking and what prevention should be taken through hiking. according to the website, hypothermia is a very serious concern for visitors. Involvement in water is the quickest way to lose the heat of someone’s body.

As the weather conditions are not similar every day and the possibility of changes in the weather is very high. so it is highly recommended that before you plan your hiking, you should be aware of the weather and flash floods, written on the website of Zion National Park. it is very threatening in the possibility of a flash flood.

long time spent in the cold temperature is the basic cause of Hypothermia. the most chances of Hypothermia in extremely cold conditions. but this is not a single case, it can also happen in cold weather and someone is wet due to cold water, rain or any other reason. the patient may not notice the effect of Hypothermia because it occurs rapidly in most cases. If you notice any possible symptoms you should stop hiking immediately and cover your body with dry and warm clothes.

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