As Tories ignore pay talk pleas, NHS nurses announce strike dates in week before Christmas

 In the NHS’s history, there is the biggest strike will occur in December, when the nurses of Wales and Northern Ireland, England will do strike for two days.

Regarding the pay dispute with the government, RCN( The Royal College of Nursing) will be holding a strike on 15 and 20 December. emergency services will not be interrupted during the strike but regular service will be affected badly. the RCN said that we have no option in this situation, the ministers would not be interested in this issue and the government said that the hike of 19% in the salary is not affordable at all. 

“The nursing staff is used in very much less payment, and we are working in a very unsafe situation and among of these situations we are not able to give proper attention to the patient they actually required.” said the CN general secretary Pat Cullen. additionally he said ” we are also human and we provide the emergency services during the strike from 8:00 AM to 20:00 GMT.

It looks like that some urgent services, tests, and continuous caring patients will be treated normally during the whole strike, there is no need to worry about any emergency cases. the vulnerable patient and also who required special attention will surely not affect by this strike. however, it will also depend on the local staff and leaders of the union, how they manage the staff and make the strike successful without affecting the emergency services.  

But it is a very big step taken by the nurse union because the waiting list is increasing in non-urgent hospitals and already seven million people are waiting in England only. the patients are very concerned about happening for this event and preparing to manage them on their own. The nursing staff who recently joined the hospital is sad after listing this news but they are also ready to contribute to this strike. the nursing staff said that ” we are sorry to do this, but this is necessary not only for us but the patient also. we are doing extra duties even sometimes we do 24 hours duties, we do not have enough supporting staff due to a lack of sufficient staff patients are at the risk and also they are not treated properly. 

 one of a nurse said “no one is encouraging us after this work, even our pay is not enough she also said that if they situation are not changed she might change his profession.  

Nursing salaries: how much do they make?

nurses strike uk
Image source: BBC

the RPI inflation rate is 14% currently in the UK and the RCN demanded above 5% at this rate, but the interesting thing is there that no still no UK nation provides this type of salary structure. a rise of at least £1,400 roughly around 4% is given for nurses and  NHF staff in England and Wales. if we talk about north Ireland, the nursing staff is still waiting for their reward due to no working government there. apart from all of this  Scotland has suspended the strike because their government make an offer of around an 8% hike in the newly appointed nurses and other staff. 

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