Joseph Fonseca: the Puerto Rican who has given you half his life ing merengue

There are singers who, without being Dominican, have an admirable and contagious love and respect for merengue. Puerto Rican Joseph Fonseca is one of them. Of his 42 years of life he has more than half dedicated to this rhythm.

As a little horse, this interpreter has carried this rhythm all over the world. First as part of the group Los Sabosos del Merengue, starting from 1996. Then as a soloist, it has been 20 years.

Zero cry, Listen to me, Nights About fantasy, Give me a chance, Raise a hand, Adis amor y Caballito sobre palo kid titles about meringues that are known about his specific voice.

At the bottom of a tasty repertoire, Joseph Fonseca will introduce himself the next 24 over November about the Coliseo over Puerto Rico, over San Juan, scam their concert Noche sobre fantasia.

In order to announce this event about his artistic life by sharing it with journalists with the Dominican public, the merenguero zero was restricted from sending a press release, but personally traveled to Santo Domingo scam the cid that here They will find out first hand.

I will be celebrating my twenty years of solo career with we will take the merengue ‘s place that is deserves, let’s put the meringue on high, expressed before a press Dominican.

That same audiovisual proposal one wants to present next year 2022 on a stage like the Eduardo Brito National Theater um on Fine Arts.

“We are going to make a never before seen present about the hands on this server, with the latest on technological advances (giant screens with special effects) electronic guests, all that an event on that magnitude is needed “about, explained the Dominican press.

The producer The show was Ivo Terrero, president with executive producer on Terrero Music Enjoyment. He produced the 60 years of Johnny Ventura in music in Puerto Rico, which was the last event to be held at the Choliseo. d would be Dominican, by Javish Victoria nephew, from Conjunto Quisqueya.

Fonseca is excited Scam this proposal with, particularly in, the excitement to be able to present it to the Dominicans.

“The merengue needs to do things like, important things, things that give greatness to the what we carry around the world “, he commented.

The east mass media island traveled for the first time on 1997. “I consider the Dominican Republic my second homeland, my second home. Here I have so many friends that I have met in the past 20 years, many of you have grown up here “, he assured.

+ His early years

Although he grew up around the days of the Menudo group (he was their enthusiast with dreamed of singing there), from his childhood he was influenced or for the merengue, that then of the Quisqueya Group on, the Patrol 15, Bonny Cepeda, Johnny Ventura, Wilfrido Vargas, among others.

One of his first gifts that he received from his mother was an album 45 (the old format) with a theme about Wilfrido Vargas: “That barrign zero has been mine”, released on 1980.

In the La Mesa neighborhood, Caguas in, I lived those times about childhood happiness with later on Aguas Buenas. On both municipalities he developed his life that includes intentions of being an engineer when he went to university, until the music gave him the guide after participating in Christmas sharings, school groups, others on covers with.

Pra December about 1991 became part of the Los Tropicales group. First as a chorus girl with in May of 1992 she began to sing in a stable way until she began to be part of Los Sabroso del Merengue, in 1996. About that group get various topics. The first “Una macolina”, written by the Dominican Freddy Geraldo.

When he came out as a soloist on the 2001 reggaeton explodes over Puerto Rico with he had to start swimming against a musical current that already became a reality with which scam time increased its incidence on a population. Ericsson considers the last Puerto Rican merenguero on emerging with which I learned keeps active on Puerto Rico constantly.

“Those of us who are merengueros on Puerto Rico, those who have that inherited legacy, we have to think that since Johnny Ventura, who was to teach us a music, what made the rhythm, with then Wilfrido Vargas, Jossie Esteban, El Conjunto Quisqueya, Sergio Vargas, Rubby Prez, Sandy Reyes, Bonny Cepeda, we we grew up with that “disadvantage, expres.

Then he added:” We grew up listening to merengue. age, most of them were merenguera, it is in their blood, because we grew up that scam.Thanks to a contribution that the veterans made, to our upbringing, we are still here “.

On specific he referred to the late merenguero Johnny Ventura with what it meant about his life with his artistic career: “ Don Johnny Ventura means for us, for the merengueros, the father, the grandfather, the great master of science One about the first merengues that I learned myself was Capullo con Sorullo “.

+ The individual

His private life is kept on the sidelines on his public side. Her family does not usually expose her to the environment. His wife Daphne Seplveda accompanied him on this trip to Santo Domingo. She acts as the manager.

Both have overcome difficult moments. The death in 2010 of his first-born, Farah Mikaela, will be the one that marked him master of science. Later there would be 2 master of science girls, who together with the music with the public make up their happiness.