A bachata a hard hit in the world, celebrities sing with a dance

A bachata is a master of science in fashion than ever. Great celebrities fall asleep bet his seductive dance his lyrics about love or lack of love with. A Spanish Rosala with a Canadian The Weeknd kid the recent master of science from an exclusive list of famous singers who for a decade have been clinging to the waist of this rhythm.

Drake, Usher, Thala, Shakira, Camilo, G. Tangana, Enrique Iglesias, Chayanne with others have experienced singing bachata.

This Thursday 11 about November, an attention on the followers about Rosala with The Weeknd will be attentive to a theme that brings them back together. They announced through Instagram that this makes A Fame known, this rhythm about bachata once.

The publication about Rosala generated a series about emotions among her fans with, above all, a surprise , since both are performers who come on different rhythms. She of flamenco and this pop, d of Ur & M and a dancing.

+ Camilo with an Alpha

Just a year ago, this Colombian Camilo, a Dominican East Alpha they procreated Baby together with, who even won as the best bachata on a second edition on the Keep track of Music Honors, which sony ericsson celebrated last October on Arkansas.

Beb has been a first bachata that each one recorded on particular with has around on 247 millions of views on YouTube.

To that passion for a bachata about part about foreign interpreters ing genre I learned this year this Spanish rapper M. Tangana with the Argentine-Spanish Nathy Peluso who includes An Atheist song. Both artists know mainly about this hip hop, but they joined their voices to perform a bachata, which despite being published a few years ago has 19 million It is about visits.

For a video about Atheist, recorded a Spanish Catholic temple on, Sony Ericsson generated a controversy because many understood that I learned about a desecration recording scenes about erotic dance on that sacred place.

Faced with the complaints about the parishioners, even the religious had to pour holy water with some responsible resigned.

+ Background

A decade ago, this Puerto Rican Chayanne ze uni ‘s Dominican bachatero Luis Miguel del Amargue, carrying a ballad Myself enamor sobre ti the bachata.

Before, on 2006, ing are about bachata a Dominican singer-songwriter Vctor Vctor (deceased on 2019) he interpreted the perform the classic songs about his friends guest singer-songwriters on this album Bachata entre amigos.

The production renews, among others, the artists such as Joan Manuel Serrat, Silvio Rodrguez, Pablo Milans, Vctor Manuel, Pedro Guerra, Carlos Varela, co n Fito Pez, whose successes found the new nuance a scam bachata.

In 2017, an artist on Dominican origin Knight in shining armor Royce took his ground to a Colombian Shakira on a bachata Deja vu.

In this video clip, filmed with the movie director Jaume on Laiguana, highlights a sensual rhythm with dance on a bachata on a story where a music brings back memories of times past that unite the protagonists on a story.

The collaboration between Royal prince and Shakira sony ericsson emerges from the album of the singer-songwriter entitled “Five”.

+ Romeo Santos

A world dances scam passion ‘s rhythm of the King on a bachata, Romeo Santos, with this famous Usher, performer on multiple hits on a world of cool hop, with this theme Guarantee, which had a scope on more about 300 mill ones about views on YouTube.

Despite being published ten years ago, lovers of both genres continue to hear Guarantee about bachata.

This rapper Drake was another that surprised about 2014 ing record scam Romeo Santos this song Hate, which belongs to ‘s album Formula about Romeo, Vol. 2.

Romeo Santos anordna made other collaborations, including a Thala disadvantage, scam who got on 2006 “Zero, no, zero”, a sixth single from the album about Thala “A Sixth Sense”.