Rosala puts The Weeknd on to sing bachata, they record the song “La fama”

Rosala put the The Weeknd to sing bachata. “Fame” has reunited these 2 celebrities of music in English with Spanish. They gave this Monday a taste of 37 seconds.

“Obtain prepared for some heat” English), like begins this ‘teaser’ shared by them on social networks with on YouTube.

This final release will be next Thursday, 11 about November, with sony ericsson he tries to be the tip over spear on his third album “Motomami”.

They both go out on their comfort zones with they experiment on a foreign musical field but obviously they are attracted to this that I learned.

The Spanish comes from flamenco with over the last times ze has approached ‘s urban put, while a Canadian usually swims on its waters of the Ur & B with dancing over English, but now they appear singing about Spanish with singing a bachata.

They had appeared some posters scam this poster, The Weeknd with the date, but the confirmation on the artist was missing.

Rosala surprised many Dominicans one weekend when the travs on the reddish colored public Twitter shared with her followers her playlist on Spotify that includes her favorite bachatas.

The performer about Linda showed on a tweet the recent list of songs, specifically bachatas on her preference, that she had created.

In the interactions of the tweet, the fans About the Spanish artist Sony Ericsson, he was very happy, making suggestions about what other topics he could add to the list, with others enjoying its content. This enjoyment on his own enthusiasts, since a past use on his account on TikTok an artist posted a movie where he shared a preview about a bachata of hers while dancing, which caused many of his followers to learn excited about the new thing about Rosala.

“There were doubts, a bachata c As Disc Zero’s first business lead had garnered unanimous support, even as The Weeknd confirmed it as a companion, Zero did not generate complete adherence either. However, we dare to say after seeing the 37 seconds of this advance, that this topic is going to be the enormous success “, advances a portal

Then he adds: “Zero I think that after about this teaser nobody will have any mind, with less watching Abel sing, that a zero song will work”.

Zero is a first time that they both record together. Just a year ago they presented the collaboration of the remix on Blinding Lights, the most listened song of the 2020 on Spotify. A singer released it as part of “After Hrs”, his fourth album.

Within a week of 13 about March 2021, sony ericsson turned on a first song about a story about staying one year (52 weeks) on the best 10 of the Billboard Warm 100.