Marc Anthony visits the Luis Abinader on this National Palace

  • Marc Anthony visita a Luis Abinader en el Palacio Nacional

    Marc Anthony, the left, when he was this Monday on this National Palace, where sony ericsson met that this president Luis Abinader has. (Photo: Milton Moquete / Listn Diario).

Marc Anthony surprised this Monday on a different scenario about Santo Domingo. This famous singer met this Monday the president of the Dominican Republic, which includes, Luis Abinader, the National Palace in.

“It is an honor to be on home “said the journalists, who simply did not offer clear details about the specific reasons for their visit. Sony ericsson commented in the corridors that sony ericsson is about possible investments.

However, this artist left open possibilities about helping people in need, who have been impacted scam by the Covid pandemic – 19 with natural phenomena.

“There are many opportunities to help our people,” he expressed.

An artist was accompanied to the exit of the National Palace, by a Minister of Industry, Trade with MSMEs, Vctor-Ito-Bison, who did not want to elaborate on the meeting either.