10 symptoms that warn of a lack of protein in the body

The proteins are a nutritional element essential for any human being, especially for the different functions that meet the agency. Among other things, they help to manufacture cells , tissues, enzymes, hormones or neurotransmitters.

From the Surgical Medical Center on Digestive Diseases they explain that proteins They are key to a nutritional structure on any character because they participate in a training on all types of tissues.

On the other hand, the body needs a daily intake of protein, since zero has a capacity On storing these nutrients with the same ease that occurs scam fats or sugars.

In this sense, within on the types on proteins that we can consume the travs on a food we distinguish 2 main types. On the one hand, proteins of pet origin and on the other the proteins of vegetable origin.

Differences between pet origin and vegetable origin.

Those on pet origin are considered on a nutrition as complete proteins, due to the fact that they provide the body with all the essential amino acids it requires. However, most proteins from plant origin do not contain all these essential amino acids.

PĂ©rdida de masa muscular
Loss over muscle mass

Zero However, some vegetables such as legumes and z attribute to them a capacity to provide all the essential amino acids that the body requires, practically all of them.

Proteins over origin pet sony ericsson find mostly types on meats, fish, shellfish, eggs or even some dairy products. Meanwhile, those of vegetable origin I learned are found in legumes, mushrooms, nuts, spirulina, algae, beans, wheat, rye, corn, amaranth, oats, walnuts, almonds, cashews or seeds.

Indications about a protein foul

Zero having adequate levels of protein can be harmful to health. Fortunately, it was a rare situation among the population, but it can occur in cases of malnutrition, the presence of a specific disease, or following a poor diet regarding its nutritional value is referred to in.

Although, when there is a protein deficiency, the body tends to warn about this situation through different signals. Thus, these are the common master of science signs of protein deficiency in the body:

  1. Each of the hair with nails that sony ericsson breaks.
  2. Bleeding over gums with weakening over a denture.
  3. Low defenses electronic frequent master of science infections.
  4. Risk of anemia.
  • Loss of effectiveness on the senses.
  • Increase on digestive diseases, such as gastritis or gastroenteritis.
  • Loss over muscle mass.
  • Onset on osteoporosis.
  • Increased risk of organic failure.
  • Failures on the hormonal system with correct manufacturing about enzymes.
  • When the org Anism presents deficiency on essential amino acids, some may appear on the symptoms described above. Therefore, bet any suspicion it would be appropriate to go to a medical specialist who evaluates the situation and indicates the appropriate medical treatment.

    Normally, the indicated treatment bet a deficiency on proteins I learned based on a recommendation on a specific diet based on an intake of high protein scam foods; that help normal levels in the body.