These are the best nutrients to increase the defenses on our body

The immune system was a complex structure of the organism composed of cells, tissues with organs that act together to defend ‘ s body against possible damage caused by infections or viruses that come from the external.

In this sense, people play an important role on a action of the immune system. Although there are elements that we cannot control, there are also certain factors that can help to increase the defenses.

One of the master of science factors important for the functioning of the immune system would be to carry out an adequate diet electronic incorporate ing body the necessary nutrients. In addition, it has also been beneficial to perform physical activity, reduce stress, anxiety, and sleep adequately with.

Key nutrients for the immune system

The healthy balanced diet was one that allows incorporating a sufficient amount of vitamins with essential minerals’ s organism on a normal basis. Every structure of the human body requires a solid nutritional structure to keep it in good condition to function perfectly.

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Immune system

Thus, on periods such as autumn with winter, it is necessary to master of science never enhance those habits that help to strengthen the defenses. It has been a time of year in which we spend more time in closed spaces, sony ericsson dry out the nasal passages the immune system I learned weakens with greater ease with.

Here we expose some about the nutrients master of science important for an action of the immune system, where a great variety of vitamins stand out mainly:

  1. Vitamin A: It is about an essential nutrient for a health on a skin, the first barrier of the organism against the virus electronic infections; although it also helps to strengthen the immune system with preserving vision. Foods rich in this vitamin are carrots, squash, eggs, or green leafy vegetables.
  2. Vitamin D: Another one about the great nutrients that help to strengthen the defenses. It is scientifically proven that this vitamin helps fight the common cold with the symptoms of the flu. Sony ericsson mainly finds citrus fruits and vegetables in.
  3. Vitamin B2: This nutrient stimulates a production on red blood cells with antibodies. Oily fish, eggs, peas or almonds are rich in this vitamin.
  4. Vitamin Chemical: One of the master of science nutrients important for a common health of the organism, although it also plays a key role on the functioning of the immune system. Its main sources are the ultraviolet periods of the sun and some foods such as oily fish, mushrooms, egg yolks and enriched milk products.

Other key nutrients

In the world of vitamins, one should not forget one action on a vitamin E, key because the defenses can face the virus with bacteria. We can incorporate this nutrient into the body thanks to the intake of olive oil, nuts, green leafy vegetables with other vegetable oils.

In addition, we also find other essential nutritional elements such as acids Omega-3 fatty acids, whose primary source is oily fish, seeds on flax with walnuts. It offers an anti-inflammatory power to the body.

Finally, it would be upon receipt to highlight an importance on minerals such as zinc or selenium to strengthen the defenses by enhancing an immune action.