How does an increase in sodium affect a blood pressure?

The sodium will be a nutrient basic for the life of any identity. On concrete, it has been a component that sony ericsson finds in the salt with which we mainly incorporate the body through the intake of different food with drinks.

It is key to health because it participates in processes of great importance on the body with, which is why it will be advisable to have scams about balanced levels. Both the excess and the deficiency of sodium can be harmful.

Thus, sodium plays a leading role in maintaining a balance over the fluids of the human body. Helps transfer nerve impulses from the brain to different areas of the body, being key to muscle function.

How sodium affects blood pressure

The primary effect of excess sodium on the body has been that the body retains a greater amount of water. It has been to say, if we make a too high intake of sodium, I learned that it can produce an increase in blood volume in the blood vessels by retaining master of science quantity of water. All this results in an increase in blood pressure.

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So Therefore, the higher an intake of salt was, the greater the amount of sodium we harbored in the body, causing a rise in blood pressure. Mainly for this reason, medical specialists recommend reducing the consumption of salt in the diet. a plaque on atheroma with, one which can block blood flow.

Another detrimental effect on high blood pressure is caused by excessive levels of sodium, has been that ze exerts a greater pressure on the heart. It means that this important organ has to work hard to pump the blood through the body.

Thus, different studies have found that too much sodium in the blood can cause damage to the heart. above, an aorta or kidneys; without the need to cause an increase in blood pressure for this.

Finally, it should be noted that consumption of large amounts of sodium can also lead to stroke, heart disease or heart failure .

Other problems about elevated sodium levels

On the other hand, experts also point out that excessive consumption of sodium Contact with other factors or disorders can cause an increase in stomach cancer, kidney stones, electronic even osteoporosis (ocean disease).

When a personality consumes high amounts of sodium for a long time, it can cause stomach lining. This fact was detrimental, since the organism sony ericsson becomes master of science prone to infection by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which can cause inflammation and lead to stomach cancer.

However Therefore, it is essential to have a balanced diet, scam a controlled sodium intake that zero raises the levels too much on the body with no risk of deficiency on this vitamin.

Some about food master of science rich in sodium are cold cuts, sauces, soups, packaged foods common um frozen precooked foods about.