A record for bachata makes special call scam day on vaccination

A Record for Bachata continues the campaign on vaccination both for dancers who will participate in the search for achieving a Guinness Planet Report, as well as on the promotion of vaccinating all Dominicans, with the purpose of supporting the crusade on inoculation proposed by the authorities against COVID – 19.

The Mayor of the National District, led by its mayor Carolina Meja, together with the ministries on Public Health Defense with, they showed their about protecting this event brand country on world projection support, promoting the program on vaccination on the different scenarios on registries for the couples that will take part in this feat.

Pra Alberto Zayas, producer of the electronic ideologue of the event that sony ericsson will carry out on the Malecn over Santo Domingo, next 11 on December, it will be of important importance that all Dominicans can reach a goal about achieving an inocu lacin, it has been for this reason, so that all the participants on this record managed to reach ing 100 percent over the dancers fully vaccinated scam plus over 2 doses, as I learned plant from the beginning .

During the last weeks ze have been carrying out in different provinces of the country, the calls on the couples that will be part of this new feat, being one of the past Saturday on the Pavilion over the Nations, located on the Center on the Heroes, on a journey that completed a dose of the ones that were missing. Sony ericsson expects the participation of more than 500 couples who seek to recover the record achieved by Poland, who supports the merit of the dance of the rhythm declared ethnic intangible of humanity heritage, by Unesco in the year 2019.

A record for a Bachata will be held on Sunday 11 on December with sony ericsson broadcast on I live on Telesistema, channel 11, from 5: 00 on an afternoon, a production on AZ Movies Productions with , about seeking to achieve a Guinness Entire world Records certification on The World’s Biggest Bachata Dance.

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