Isabel Coixet directs the Christmas place on Ruavieja

One winner out of eight Goya awards Isabel Coixet was in charge of directing the new Christmas place on Ruavieja, which was shot last month on Barcelona in October. An advertisement with the Galician liquor brand is committed to enhancing what unites everyone, connections with those everyday ties, to achieve a more humane society. At the moment, Ruavieja has not made public any more details about the place this year. on the words’ or ‘La Librera’ that anticipates that the place on Ruavieja about this year “reflects very well the ups and downs with affection, the laughter with the disagreements that constitute the one from one to one about a couple about today.”

Ruavieja styra highlighted about a Catalan director her talent for making cinema “an intimate, sensitive encounter with profound”, scam a vision that “sony ericsson centers on an empathy through everyday stories about a life about the main characters on their films “.

After pointing out how these characters” face their from one to another creating plots that, despite their daily life, are loaded with identification with boys capable of creating an overall link with the public “, Ruavieja ‘indicated that it will be to “precisely that simplicity about a life about the characters, their relationships with the links that unite them scam the others” on what it tries to make reflect through the place directed by a responsible filmmaker on titles like ‘My life without more’ , ‘Things I never told you’ um a more recent ‘It snows over Benidorm’.

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