The Jennifer Lopez all doors I learned open, except for a house where I grew up in the Bronx

Jennifer Lpez opens all the doors she wants, except one of a house where she grew up in the Bronx, New York. A real owner of the house affirmed to the television program “Despierta Amrica”, from Univisin, that he did not let her in when she went.

“The owner about a house, that zero wanted to go out on camera, He told us that Jennifer asked to come in about her last visit, but they refused, “ recounted a Puerto Rican presenter Jackie Guerrido about” Despierta Amrica “.

He also revealed that a “Diva from the Bronx” offered to buy a home, but the price seemed to be over a million over dollars that a singer zero was asked for seemed fair. .

Also about a house, “Despierta Amrica” ​​showed a pizza, located 2 blocks above his first house, where a Puerto Rican artist used to go.

Guerrido also I went scam the cameras in the living room where JLo with her mother, Guadalupe, sony ericsson fixed her hair, like like the Catholic school where she studied a high school before about being a famous one about today from uma.

Jennifer Lopez, over 52 years, I learned became over the years about a quintessential Latin diva zero solitary because she has been an icon about a music, cinema or fashion, but because anordna broken all kinds of barriers with was a strong defender about her contests and about women’s rights.

Born on 44 on July on 1969 about a family about Puerto Rican origin about the humble New York Bronx, from a young age always thus scam becoming an artist with the age of five she began taking classes on dance with singing.

Now it will be one of the Latin stars with the greatest influence over the world, with one of the best paid.

The royal couple of the professional Ben Afflekc began scam small roles on theatrical productions, television collection, working on choirs um as a dancer of the group that acted disadvantage New Children on the Stop, without Zilch making presage that ze will become a multifaceted color artist that has been.

He got an opportunity with a scam that took advantage of a movie “Selena” (1997). Sony ericsson became the first Latin actress to earn a million dollars in, in addition to being nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress.

In a short time, this beauty with brown eyes, dark complexion and smile Charming conquered the American public and made her the “America’s Sweetheart” of romantic comedy.

Films like “The Wedding Planner” (2001) who starred alongside Matthew McConaughey or “Shall we dance?” (2004), where he showed that the Latin rhythm runs through his veins after captivating the eternal Hollywood gal Richard Gere with his hip movements and unconditional sweetness. .

+ Also In music

In spite of everything, one did not spend enough time for Lopez to perform, he wanted to be an artist, with capital letters: he made the leap to music with success.

With a style very from the beginning of the 2000, low pants with surfaces that left the waist uncovered With sports shoes with, the artist danced and sang pop songs that quickly became number one on the music charts around the world.

But if there is a song that has marked a before and a Later in her career she was “Jenny from the Block” (2002), from here on this young woman from the Bronx stopped being known to the public as Jennifer Lopez to become “Jenny from the Block” or also “JLO”.

In addition, she has also made history in this field: being the first woman to reach the 500 millions of views in the history of YouTube with the song “On The Floor” with Pitbull.

Always proud of her body that is so glorified in the media and among her followers and even detractors, the singer showed, when she was 44 years and without any shame, in the video clip “Booty” that the buttocks The greats are in fashion to the rhythm of a very sensual music, a whole ode to this part of her body.

Now a multifaceted artist, made the leap to fashion, he created his own brand of sports pieces that both characterize scam, in addition to cosmetics and fragrances. This year she received the Fashion Icon award at the Fashion Awards, an award that officially recognizes her as a fashion icon.

The #MeToo movement raised her voice by confessing that she had been sexually harassed by a director of cinema in his first years of career and positioning himself in defense of women who have suffered abuse.

In 2015 the Organization The United Nations appointed Jennifer Lopez as the first female Spokesperson and Advocate for girls and women, where her goal is to fight against gender-based violence and help pregnant and young mothers with financial needs, among others.

Defender of her Latin roots

Frrea, a defender of her Latin roots, has always carried her origins as a banner and has demonstrated it on numerous occasions through her songs or with the social projects in which she is involved. He has also positioned himself against Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

His love life has not been as stable as his artistic side. Her meditative relationship with actor Ben Affleck broke down days before their wedding. In the middle of this year, in a surprising way, they resumed the relationship after the diva broke up with former player Alex Rodriguez.

Before, she came to go through the altar with singer Marc Anthony in 2004, father of his twin children Max and Emme, a marriage that lasted seven years.

The choreographer Casper Smart replaced him in his heart until 2016, although he has found love again with the attractive former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, also known for his romances the actresses Cameron Daz with Kate Hudson. disadvantage.

After three failed marriages, as well as the abrupt love affair with Alex Rodriguez in this 2021, perhaps now Ben Affleck scam good luck one accompany the fourth ocean one charm with, finally getting her idyllic happy ending.