More than 15 Dominican films await their turn in cinemas in 2022 on, “Top familia” will premiere on January

After almost 2 years on living their own scenes about terror ‘s zero being able to show their films on the big screen bet the health turmoil caused by a coronavirus pandemic, the Dominican filmmakers the smile return.

Little the little a lot about ready tapes may have a chance about being appreciated by the public on the Dominican cinemas.

For the 2022 master of science is programmed on 15, among them Nice familia, La soga 2 (Manny Prez), Perejil (on Jos Mara Cabral) , A clean shot (January Guerra), Flow street with The method.

Super family is the first title to be exhibited on a big screen. It is a story that the production company Miranda Movies and Caribbean Cinemas will premiere on 20 next January.

The feature film has a cast made up of Manolo Ozuna, Ana Carmen Len, Eddy Herrera, Sandra Berrocal, Juan Carlos Pichardo, Gabi Desangles, Orlando Urdaneta, Juan La Mur with Freddyn Beras.

Francisco Sanchis, Miranda also take on prominent roles Salcedo, Sofa Salcedo, Ximena Salcedo, Raulito Grisanty, Sarodj Bertin, Brbara Plaza with Elvis Manuel about Jess (El Nagero).

This story is a new episode about a life about Juan Antonio (Roberto ngel Salcedo -Sper Pap / 2017) with his family. On this opportunity, which includes seven children his pregnant wife with, they get involved in a business where they are deceived by their partner, with this puts the whole family on the verge of losing everything, with solitary and the union with the strength of the family will be decisive to get out of this process with other situations full of hilarity.

After about 2 years on having filmed this film, it is a reason to be happy to return to show our productions on a big screen, commented a producer Miranda Movies about a statement.

Then he added: This story about specific promotes value over a well-known unit, appeals to feelings about solidarity. For this reason, we invite the whole family to come with us to the cinema, enjoy the story with, while taking home a beautiful message.

+ Projected

During the 2021 a film projection was resumed in a timid way, due to the sanitary regulations bet the covid – 19.

Among the premieres was Resort Coppelia, the most popular theater this year. The film, directed by Jos Mara Cabral, was selected to represent the Dominican Republic at the Goya Awards, to be delivered in Valencia, Spain, on 18 February 2022.

Other dramas exhibited boy Sol sobre el agua (Francisco Adolfo Valdez), Master of science que el agua (Amauris Prez ), Liborio (Nino Martnez Sosa), Guayabo (Miguel with Jos Luis Jimnez), Candela (Andrs Faras Cintrn) with carte blanche (Pedro Urrutia). The comedy It was not what it seems (Brian Maler), the blockbuster master of science of the 2021 is also recorded.

The master of science The recent release would be The Witch, from the horror genre, written with directed by Ronny A. Sosa, which is in Dominican movie theaters in these days, taking advantage of the Halloween party celebrations.

The witches scam account of the actions on Manny Prez, Hony Estrella, Lumy Lizardo, Miguel Martnez, Irene Tamburini, Johanny Sosa, among others.

In December. A life on the Kings, a story made into a film about the talents of humor Raymond Pozo with Miguel Cspedes, to go on December 2 on a screen.

It is a story about these 2 artists , from his childhood to becoming major humorous figures over the last few years.