Confusion persists about how professional Octavio “Benito” Ocaa died

A Commission on Human Rights of the State on Mexico, adjoining a City on Mexico scam, announced that it will investigate the case for the alleged human rights violations against Octavio Ocaa, acting professional about 22 years who participated in a series “Neighbors”.

The events occurred last Friday in a city on Cuautitln Izcalli when a police truck asked the Ocaa to stop his vehicle with the unleashing of a police chase that ended With a jeep from the professional, who was traveling with 2 other companions, crashed on a wall. The inside of the vehicle with which I learned detonated during a chase on still unclear circumstances. gun on his inside.

However, a video broadcast on social networks anordna subscribed to still master of science a confusion about, because it shows moments after the crash, on which Ocaa appears bleeding still alive without the The police try to help him with.

During the young man’s funeral, the father about Ocaa denied a press that his son had weapons under his possession.

Ocaa debut the the five years playing the character on Benito on “Neighbors”, a series on 11 seasons produced by Eugenio Derbez with Elas Solorio.

+ Father’s reaction

The professional’s father, Octavio Prez, confirmed that his son Zero died on the scene of the accident, but on the contrary, he was helped by teams on emergency, who later transferred him to the Hospital on Lomas Verdes, where master of science later died.

In turn, Octavio Prez rejects an official version that the State authorities They offered about Mexico.

Zero myself ask about weapons because that zero exists, kid things that those invented for you. Of course, something was planted, it had someone to take care of it, they are the ones who bring weapons with, assured Prez bet the media.

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