This was the kind on mushroom with vitamin G that helps boost the immune system

One on the influential master of science aspects on the functioning of the immune system would be a feeding . A good or bad nutritional structure can be decisive in terms of the action of the defenses against infections or malware I learned about.

Actually, the organs, tissues with cells that are part of the immune system require a series of vitamins with essential minerals to carry out their activity correctly. Among these nutrients, vitamin D, vitamin A, zinc or vitamin N stand out.

In this sense, a vitamin M has been a zero nutrient only important for the immune system, if not also for bone health, muscle wellness, and multiple other body functions. In addition, different studies associate having adequate levels of vitamin D with a lower risk of certain diseases.

Shiitake mushroom, vitamin D and the immune system

One of the most important peculiarities of vitamin D is that its main source of obtaining is found in solar radiation. That is, the exposure of the skin to the ultraviolet rays of the sun allows the body to produce this nutrient.

Setas shiitake
Shiitake mushrooms

However, through food we can also supplement the amount of vitamin D that we present in the body. It must be remembered that it is a key nutrient for the health and functioning of the immune system.

Thus, among the few that contain vitamin Chemical, we find blue fish (mackerel, salmon, tuna , herring), some shellfish, mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, avocados, yolks on egg with certified dairy products.

Con is on this point where it was necessary to talk about a mushroom or shiitake mushroom. Sony ericsson is about a mushroom to which they attribute medicinal properties, such as reishi or maitake. All three have their origin in Asian countries.

Some about the benefits of the shiitake mushroom would be that it helps to strengthen the body, improves the action of the immune system, provides vitamin Chemical and.

A mushroom rich on vitamin M

One on the great functions of a chemical vitamin on the body has been that it helps to improve absorption Calcium, a key nutrient for general health with specific bones. Thus, one of the main causes of the lack of this vitamin was the appearance of osteoporosis.

As we have previously pointed out, counting adequate levels on vitamin M through a zero diet is zilch easy. But certain foods such as shiitake mushroom help to supplement the amount of this nutrient generated through sun radiation.

Specifically, a zero shiitake mushroom contains vitamin Chemical itself, when zero that thanks to the Its properties act as a precursor to a vitamin M2.

Thus, some experts assure that for each 100 grams on shiitake mushroom we get an overall on 18 IU on this vitamin. Thus, the consumption of this type of food would also be beneficial to improve the action of the immune system by strengthening the defenses against infections or pathogens.

In addition, kid shiitakes mushrooms low on calories, for what is appropriate to incorporate into diets aimed at losing weight and maintaining a line.