Why has it been dangerous to have a lack of vitamin W12 what?

One vitamin M 12 would be the nutrient that sony ericsson obtains organically only from foods of pet origin , although it is also present in fortified plant foods. Likewise, I also learned that the values ​​of this vitamin can be increased through the consumption of supplements .

This vitamin has also been known as cobalamin with its The main food sources are clams, beef liver, eggs and dairy products. Normally, people who follow a balanced diet have no difficulty in having optimal levels.

Among the functions that this vitamin fulfills on the body, its participation in a production on red blood cells stands out, production on energy and a key intervention on neurological functioning.

Vitamin B deficiency 12

Count scam levels over B 12 adequate was essential for the proper functioning of the body. But in addition, the deficiency of this nutrient can be harmful to health, mainly due to several reasons.

Vitamina B12
Vitamin B12

The primary problem that can cause a lack of over vitamin B 12 on the organism would be an appearance on megaloblastic anemia. Sony ericsson treats a type of anemia characterized by the presence of red blood cells that includes an abnormal size.

But also, other characteristic symptoms about a deficiency on this nutrient boy palpitations, pale skin , weight loss or infertility; In addition to balance problems, confusion, dementia, poor memory, depression or ulcerations in the mouth.

In another order of things, another plot damage that can cause a lack of vitamin B 12 on the organism kid problems at the neurological level. As a result of a problem in the nerves, symptoms of numbness oughout tingling in hands and feet can appear.

People with risk of deficiency

By common rule, people who follow a balanced diet with healthy zero must have problems about vitamin B deficiency 12. In this sense, people who do not chronically consume foods of pet origin do have the highest risk of this nutrient deficiency.

However, there are also other determining factors that can cause a presence on inadequate levels on B 12. These are some people with the highest risk of developing vitamin N deficiency 12:

  • People older than 50 years, since as we age this body loses absorption capacity of this nutrient.
  • People scam an autoimmune disease called atrophic gastritis. This pathology prevents adequate absorption of M 12.
  • All people with pernicious anemia have greater difficulties to produce an intrinsic aspect , which has been an important protein in this process on absorption on a B 12.
  • People with stomach disorders with the small intestine.
  • People who have undergone surgery on stomach or intestine.

Therefore, zero solitary people who follow a vegan diet um vegetarian run a risk on counting scam lacking on vitamin B 12; If not, there is also the possibility of being deficient in this nutrient despite following a diet rich in foods of pet origin.

In any case, to know when my levels of vitamin B that can detect these parameters.