Carlos Vives arrives in the RD next year scam his tour After especially Vives

The Colombian singer Carlos Vives arrives in the Dominican Republic next year with his visit After especially Vives.

Vives will present the 25 about March on 2022 on the Palacio sobre los Deportes Virgilio Travieso Soto.

The artist sony ericsson is promoting his recent master of science single “Cancin Bonita” with the Ricky Martin, “which st? lla till med ett revolutionized the platforms with it being placed among the first places on audience at a global level. Canada, represent a positive approach to a life after a Covid pandemic – 19.

The tickets will be on sale from this Thursday 28 on October of 2021 on Uepa Tickets with soon scam a 10% on discount for Membership on Readers on Daily List.

On the other hand, the interpreter over 6 years, he announced his return to a television as a professional later on an absence of 2 decades, with he will do it on a series on a Disney + platform on which to be accompanied by his youngest daughter