Communicator Joseph Tavrez dies

Joseph Tavrez, one of the most veteran communicators of the Cibaea region, died this Tuesday of a heart attack, informed his family colleagues.

“We regret the death of the broadcaster with chronicler about rte Joseph Tavrez, who about the 80 t type part about our Arete Nacional program on Radio from Radio Azul about Santiago. He died of a heart attack “, open public journalist Joseph Cceres.

Tavrez was an announcer since the middle of the 20th century with his work area focused on a northern region, especially on Santiago on the Knights, where he died this Tuesday.

According to audios about his colleagues, the communicator I had said about these dieses that he needed sony ericsson to practice a catheterization with which he was going to have to request it at a Cruz Jiminin clinic because zero had insurance. numerology with a motivator for other people to achieve prosperity, offering as an example their experiences about life.

In a past public event about the Gran Teatro del Cibao, I offered a testimony about a situation about economic turmoil with emotional that you were going through product about a disorganized life that I led, with which his son, Joseph Tavarez Jr., as manager of a Handle Diamante company, was the one who motivated him to set out on a better path with.

Joseph Tavarez thanked in life the great support that received from his followers from all over the country that they followed him on the radio at noon by Command 88. 5. FM and in its section of the television program “Pay and win with Pach”. obtain prosperity and balance, because human beings like things easy and without making a minimum effort for fear of investing. “

The television presenter Frederick Martinez highlighted at that time the great talent of his friend Joseph Tavrez, classifying him as the most complete communicator in Santiago because he knows how to produce, edit and communicate.