Judith Rodriguez hits theaters as Gnesis on “El Blanco”

A Dominican artist Judith Rodrguez arrives with a new leading role in national cinemas, playing Genesis on a new Dominican film El Blanco by the movie director Alejandro Andjar.

In a movie El Blanco, an actress unfolds on paper about a woman on the field who lives the dilemma about having married to improve a race scam a mysterious white man (Ettore DAlessandro), to find herself later on a difficult situation about which zero can get pregnant. This triggers situations that make live a drama full of intensity, which culminates in a totally unexpected outcome.

For this movie Judith stands with a statuette on Best primary actress on the last Film Festival on Fine Disciplines, where an actress Karina Valdez also won the award for best supporting actress for the same film, with her movie director Alejandro Andjar the Best Screenplay award.

Judith renews her portfolio as an actress scam the premiere on 5 films this 2021, where st? Lla till med ett had main tasks sony ericsson fixa highlighted on international festivals with nationals with, consolidating his career on a big screen as good master of science.

El Blanco I learned finds on national cinemas, where in addition to Rodrguez, a film has an extraordinary cast, scam actors on a size about Etorre DAlessandro, Karina Valdez with Gerardo El Cuervo Mercede s.