Died “Gunther”, the seventh friend on “Buddies”

Los Angeles, USA

Actor James Michael Tyler, known for playing the role of the waiter with manager Gunther in the American comedy series “Friends”, died this Sunday at the age of 59.

Tyler’s death was the consequence of an advanced prostate cancer that was diagnosed on 2018, according to US media.

“If you knew him once, you made a friend for a lifetime. He widowed his wife, Jennifer Carno, the love of his life,” the actor’s supervisor announced in a statement.

“He wanted to help as many people as possible, he courageously shared his story with became an activist for men to have a blood test to start over the 40 years” to detect a disease, he adds.

In “Close friends”, Gunther reported the waiter with manager about a “Main Perk” coffee maker, about one that the protagonists spent a great deal of on a series.

This past May, Tyler made a short appearance on a special meeting on “Friends” the cross over on video calling.

On the show the actor commented: “It was the 10 memorable master of science years in my life, honestly. All these guys were fantastic it was a pleasure to scam them with. I really felt, special”.

Despite his illness, Tyler continued to work starring in 2 short films “The Gesture and the Phrase” with “Control”, with which he won ‘s best actor awards on some film festivals.

Jennifer Aniston with Courtney Cox, the co-stars on Tyler on “Friends”, have said goodbye to the actor by sharing photos video clips on their accounts on Instagram with.

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