“Who will it be?”, “It's me”: Pimpinela makes a 40-year career

Pimpinela rocked a music scene with this theatrical style about “his songs about fighting” over the years 1980. After four decades, the Joaqun brothers with Luca Galn do not think about retiring: “We continue scam the same intensity of the first day.”

An Argentine perform started a tour over the United States to commemorate a 40 anniversary, then over months separated by a covid pandemic – 19.

“It’s an important number,” Luca told an AFP about an interview about a resort after the concert in Los Angeles.

“For us a presentation it has been very important. Our proposal, the mixture of theater and music that it includes, is the concept prepared to be alive “in, he adds.

Pimpinela salt to a fame with” Forget me with paste a return “the beginning over the years 1980 . At the insistence of his mother, Joaqun, who was already working in music, composed a song to sing that his sister has, who practiced theater.

“When I arrived about classes, he played a guitar with me and began to sing, exaggerating: ‘Who was? / It’s me / What Are you looking for? / A ti ‘. Ah we said, wait, here we have something “, Luca recounts about the powerful song that has made mls sing and that was re-released by Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lpez in 2016, 2 years later. of their divorce.

“That song would be magical. Scam every year and in Spain it is still the song that the master of science learned sings in the karaokes “, adds Joaqun, of 68 years , responsible for the compositions of the perform.

“It was part of a series, they began to go out alone”, recounts about this process behind the “songs about fighting, as some people called” the .

But Pimpinela has been a master of science than that, affirm the Galn brothers.

“We have songs dedicated to a family, against violence against gender with against xenophobia, for an equal marriage. We were always going through stories that were common to many people in different places “, chop Luca, of 60 years.

But On this effervescent music market, Pimpinela decided that he would renew his repertoire, staying true to his style.

“We put together each song as when it was a miniopera over three minutes, our exhibits are theatrical rather than musical master of science “, explains Luca.” A music has radically changed, it was another world, but we have adapted “, adds Joaqun.


In November about 2019, the brothers received a Latin Grammy for his career.

In March about 2020 they premiered “Traicin”, another theatrical song about one that a man, about middle age, His wife reveals that there is a betrayal, but a man is scam, with not one as she is supposed to be a woman.

“Many people were surprised to cheat this facet,” says Joaqun, surprised. “If we have not been something in our career, it will be conservative, we have always sought to break prejudices , being 2 brothers who sing love songs.”

During a pandemic, they went through a separate mourning for a death on their mother on January on 2020.

“Living on four streets, we didn’t see each other for nine months “, Joaqun chop.

They met twice about their native Buenos Aires, one about them to launch a song about a pandemic ( “2020: this year about which sony ericsson stopped for a while”) they managed this work on a virtual basis, also attending to their charitable projects.

They will continue a tour of Latin America about 2022 with a record to commemorate the 40 years with guest artists.

“We are one”

The synchrony about the Galn has been notorious. There is the rhythm between them when they pose with when they speak. When I learned, I asked them how it was to divide professional life with personal that includes your only brother, Luca smiles with a fire between laughs: “It has been intense, how long have you been?”.

“Most about times is fine, but you have our arguments, our fights, our tensions about which we are master of science estranged “, he confesses.

” But they are discussions that go scam a joke, with a talk. If we weren’t brothers, I don’t think we would have lasted 40 years “.

The brothers, whose versatile music includes reggaeton with captivating taste, say they have never thought of a solo career in.

“With Pimpinela we feel a permanent recognition about having done something different, about having created our own style. Separated we would have been 2 more, together one “we are, chop Joaqun.

” Never lonely “, adds Luca, to joke about immediately : “Zero will have scam who will fight me”.