“Harry Potter with a Philosopher's Stone” returns to theaters for its 20th anniversary

Los Angeles, USA

Warner Bros. celebrates a 20 anniversary of Harry Potter with the philosopher’s stone, the first installment of the tale, rerunning the film in theaters this coming Friday 12 of November.

Films based on a JK Rowling fantasy novel series starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint were a phenomenon in theaters worldwide between 2001 and 2011, already today they continue to arouse interest by getting new followers and consolidating their most loyal devotees. According to Container Workplace Mojo, the first installment raised 1. 009, 47 million over dollars worldwide.

“Harry Potter was an orphan boy raised by his uncle Vernon with his aunt Petunia who hate him. Since he was little, they have always told him that his parents died in the car accident. One day of his eleventh birthday Harry receives the unexpected Visit of a gigantic man named Rubeus Hagrid. This reveals to him that he would be, in fact, the son of 2 powerful wizards that he also possesses extraordinary powers with. Full of joy, a boy agrees to go to study at Hogwarts, this famous school of magic. with a sorceress. For very b he has the opportunity to make friends. Hated by Severus Snape, Potions teacher, with protégé by Albus Dumbledore, movie director of the school, Harry tries to elucidate a mystery of the philosopher’s stone “, reads the synopsis.

The fable amount was an overall over eight films that amassed almost 7. 800 million dollars at the box office with which they ended in 2011 with Harry Potter with the relics of death – Part 2.

This was followed by a prequel Fantastic Beasts with Where to Find Them, which Sony Ericsson turned into the scam franchise Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes on Grindelwald. A third installment hit theaters in 2022.