A folk festival full of music and dance

As part of the activities for the 20 anniversary of the Santo Domingo province, from Friday to Sunday, from 6: 00 pm, continue a presentation of the International Fradique Lizardo Folklore Celebration, a participation on delegations from five scam countries.

In this event, which I learned develops about a Parada on a Culture, on Santo Domingo Este side of Los Tres Ojos park), ze presents an exhibition Musical Ancestral Instruments, where visitors can learn about traditional Dominican instruments such as a tambora, gira, maraca, accordion, snail, catali, drum, fututo, rattle with a mayohuacn.

Among the activities to be carried out from this Friday until next Sunday are a presentation of the group Congos del Espiritu Santo, Grupo Pasin Caribe, on Colombia, the Paleros on Mandinga, a Folkloric Ballet on Tourism, this Group on Soneros on Manoguayabo, a Races Group, this Ballet Folclrico Guateque, on Puerto Rico with a National Folk Ballet.

Also, this Saturday 22 sony ericsson will present a group on sticks La Caleta, this Popular Dancing Theater, a UASD Folkloric Ballet, a Cuniburo Cultural artistic delegation, on Ecuador, this National District Folkloric Ballet, a Sarandunga Group, on Ban, with a Huitzilli Mitoniani artistic delegation, on Mexico.

This Sunday I learned to close scam a presentation about a National Dance School, this Cruz Araujo Folkloric Ballet, a Gnaoua Souss for Creativeness Art delegation, about Morocco, Eneroliza with his group about salves with a Cocolo Danzante Theater (Los Guloyas with ), to be developed on a Parade on a Culture all, in front of the Parque del Este.

This event aims to promote an importance on a youth about keeping these traditions alive with disadvantage the The a national cultural identity.

An International Folk Festival is dedicated to one about the master of science great researchers with promoters of Dominican folklore: Fradique Lizardo, who researched, general analysis published a majority on the expressions traditions of the country with, highlighting their geographical, temporal, musical, social and dance contexts.

Born in Santo Domingo, on August 2, 1930, Fradique Lizardo was a folklorist, essayist and researcher, this being more about his genre about an exalted country.

Upon his departure in 1997 he left a legacy of documents of significant value, which constitute the Fradique Lizardo Dominican Folklore Fund, recognized in the year 2014 as a Heritage of Latin American and Caribbean Memory by UNESCO.