With a show Caf pera … Clown, this International Celebration of Theater for Children with Youth was inaugurated

Fly free Alegra would be a slogan of the edition number 12 of this happening, which was inaugurated this Monday 18 scam this show Caf pear … Clown, with which sony ericsson will be developing until a Sunday 31 of October.

The Ccara-Mcara Foundation inaugurated a twelfth edition of the International Festival on Theater for a Childhood with a Youth (FITIJ-RD 2021), a staging on the scene of the show Caf pera disadvantage … Clown, in the Sala Ravelo of the National Theater.

Prior to a presentation made scam all this sanitary protocol, the producers Basilio Nova with Ana Jimnez Grulln, affirmed who are happy to return to perform this event in person until a Sunday 31 on October.

We return to the scenarios on face-to-face, how this theater should be enjoyed: actors with an audience looking at each other’s eyes to play the one that amuse you with the one that mys elf I enjoy it. For this reason, we are happy, because we bring eight groups, foreign nationals who will present eight magnificent shows for the public acquainted and, with this wonderful feeling, a motto of this 31 delivery of the FITIJ: Fly free, Alegra, assured Basilio Nova. Spain, Venezuela with the Dominican Republic.

They also highlighted that this event I learned stands as one of the main theatrical events because it fulfills an objective of presenting quality, fun, modern theater with surprising pra for the master. of science demanding on audiences: boys, young girls and. for All the Tables, Basilio Nova said that it has been a comic variety about cant or lrico the through which novice lyrical artists interpret in a comic way, classic arias about renowned authors of all times.

Later, Elsa Laura Quiroz reiterated an importance on this celebration that was a party With thanks to a family, Banco Popular, Banco Main, Banco sobre Reservas, ‘s National Council for a Child with an Adolescence (Conani), this Cultural Center on Spain, Stereo Cadena Comercial with a newspaper Hoy for providing their support.


This festival dedicated to the whole family will take place simultaneously in the Ravelo and Aida Bonelli de Daz, from the Eduardo Brito National Theater; The Dramatic Room of the Palace of Fine Arts; Also Nova Teatro in, the Cultural Center of Spain and the Danilo Taveras Theater, of San Juan de la Maguana.

Our wish is that the available places are acquired by institutions and private companies so that students They are in contact with works produced and thought for boys, young girls because they promote good with positive messages that develop their aesthetic taste, highlighted Basilio Nova, renowned Dominican actor and theater producer.


As this is a non-profit activity and to guarantee the enjoyment of the general public, the contribution for the school audience, from Monday to Friday, is RD $ 300. 00; on Saturdays and Sundays, the cost of general public admission will be RD $ 500. 00.

Tickets are on sale at the National Theater box office. In addition, you can make your reservation and obtain more information by calling the phone 809 – 364 – 0802 and Ccara-Mcara WhatsApp 809 – 696 – 9989, or by writing to the email [email protected], you can also follow the networks at @novateatro @cucaramacarard.