After the scandal, Maite Perroni confirms a relationship with Claudia Martn's ex-husband: Things did not go as they were told

A few months ago Maite Perroni was called the third in discord between the marriage of actress Claudia Martn and producer Andrs Tovar, today the exRBD confirmed the romance with Tovar, but clarified that things were not as They were counted.

Through her social networks, the protagonist of Dark Desire published a series of photographs with the producer with a long message in which they made their relationship official and a brief explanation of the situation.

A few months ago a magazine published a series of lies about us, we defamed a cartoon and. We did not talk about it before because we are legally acting, but today, our lawyers allowed us to do so, Perroni said in the publication where he is seen kissing Tovar.

The singer also said that Both have experienced manipulation, blackmail, harassment and, to the extent that they have also endangered the integrity of their family and those close to them.

Things were not as they were told and we do not want to be part of this media circus (which seems to have to endure those of us who dedicate ourselves to the medium of entertainment, since under the pretext of freedom of expression limits are broken in which people’s lives are violated and destroyed). That is why it is very important for us to clarify this situation, explained Maite.

The happy couple said that they have both been friends for 20 years and met at a point in their lives. in which both were going through a duel after having finished a sentimental relationship.

It was for this reason that for the first time since we met, we gave ourselves the opportunity to discover each other from another place, to see each other eyes and today we are very happy together with, noted.

It is recalled that in June the magazine Television Notes open published an alleged infidelity about Perroni with Tovar when the producer was still married to the actress Claudia Martn. Immediately both denied it and Maite’s declared that he would present a legal process for defamation of the lawyer, although after a few months, the actress did not comment on the lawsuit again until today in the publication of the photos on Instagram.

In a broadcast of the morning program Sale el Sol broadcast in June of this year, the hosts confirmed the break between Andrs and Claudia.

The couple had been married for a short time, But the dream wedding was only one of the triggers of an alleged infidelity which triggered the separation between both parties.