Acroarte recognize Emilia Pereyra, Persio Maldonado and Elsa Nez

The journalist and writer Emilia Pereyra, the director of the newspaper El Nuevo Diario, Persio Maldonado and the celebrated artist of the plastic arts Elsa Nez complete the eleven personalities that the Association of Art Chroniclers (Acroarte) recognize, in the tenth edition of the Journalistic Merit Award 2021.

In the gala that will take place on Tuesday 26 of this month, dedicated in This time the prominent journalist and writer Carlos Batista Matos, also recognized acroartists Alejandro Snchez (Santiago), Raymond Abad (New York), Johnny Romero (Florida) and Zinayda Rodrguez de Santo Domingo.

Emilia Pereyra has a career through which she has achieved important recognitions such as the National Journalism Award (2019), with success as a writer; while Persio Maldonado, as director of El Nuevo Diario, has forged an invaluable legacy in defense of the rights of citizens and practitioners; while Elsa Nez carved out a reputation as a plastic artist both at home and abroad with talent and creativity.

Walkiria Almonte, director of production of World Televisin, artistic producer of the gala and , I anticipated that his team is working to offer those present a special night. This is an event of relevance for Acroarte and its membership, as well as for those personalities that will be honored. In this context, we are preparing an emotional evening, with an appropriate musical touch for each of the honorees.

The Journalistic Merit Award, founded on the 2012, is award in a ceremony sponsored by Cervecera Nacional Dominicana, Banco Popular Dominicano, the Ministry of Tourism, the Central Electoral Board (JCE), Altice Dominicana, Inicia and Grupo Ramos.

Pereyra , Maldonado and Nez join the celebrated saxophonist and arranger Crispn Fernndez, a great talent of popular music; to the television presenter and producer Paula Disla (Mara Moito), defender of children’s rights, and Magda Florencio, one of the pioneers of the social chronicle in Dominican journalism.

This tenth edition of the Acroarte Award for Journalistic Merit reaffirms the strength and weight of our institution that continues to promote and support the best of art and culture throughout these 37 years since its foundation, commented Emelyn Baldera , president of Acroarte.

To be an unforgettable night, a reunion between the acroartist family, which needs a breath of festivity after the ravages caused by the pandemic and I thank in advance, the support of so many collaborators and supporting sponsors who are us, reiterated the journalist Baldera, who also revealed that veteran journalists Marivell Contreras and Santiago P. Acevedo will be the presenters of the gala.

The Executive Committee of Acroarte, in addition to President Emelyn Baldera, is made up of Jos DLaura , Csar Dalmas, Samir Saba, Elvira Lora, Claudio Concepcin, Aridio Castillo, Eugenio Prez and Hansel Garca.

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