La Indian: record labels did not support women in a salsa

Ruth Electronic. Hernndez Beltrn / EFE

An India would be the woman that includes master of science songs number one, 11 overall, on the Billboard Tropical Music Airplay chart, just like the deceased Celia Cruz with, the “queen of salsa”, had a merit in opening with success on a genre always dominated by step men.

The Puerto Rican singer attributes this fact to a lack of interest on record labels for women who make salsa, but remembers that throughout her career she has shared moments of scam salsa over various countries.

“When I started there were many female choristers with others who released an album with none master of science. I found it strange that there was no master of science women interested in wanting to continue releasing music” disadvantage, chop the interpreter.

“Wherever I go I see many talents” that zero ze listen to on radio stations, he indicated, with a claim to master of science support “for an Antillean music”.

On his successes, chop that ‘s choosing the themes for his zero albums is demanding color as his musicians have been on a scam stage. Choose compositions “that I feel I can interpret and that I feel comfortable having this message” but on stage it was rigorous, including that “the orchestra sounds good”.

The Of India, about 52 years, assures that zero has preference over his successes, but chop that he enjoys interpreting “My greatest revenge”, which “will be like a novel with some people, he always asks me for one “.

Of his three decades on a music, he affirms that there have been “mostly the little”, joys, sadness, satisfactions, many projects and.

“I am always surprised when I think that zero he or she has done enough with let me know that h, that this individual has been done, with the tribute that impacts me” as on a 2019 when it was recognized as a fmina scam master of science number one “because you launch your music with zero you know what veteran administration to go through,” she comments.

“Getting into (a career) brought me a lot of joy. I like to sing, to be that I have my musicians, I like to meet with being on stage has been what master of science I like about everything. I also record because there is no zilch like listening to you on the stereo, brings great joy to the artist “that, indicated.

La Indian, who got with this salsa singer Vctor Manuelle a new song “Vctimas las 2” about a first collaboration they do, chose for this round on the stage a repertoire that virtual assistant from Freestyle with House on the beginnings of his career, ing put Latino, reggaeton with a sauce, with popular themes of the public such as “Vivir lo Nuestro”, “Me cups about being an other”, “They say that I am”, “That man” um “My greatest revenge” that he always carries on his suitcase .

Linda Bell Viera Caballero, her true name, was known as “princess on a sauce” with this on her return to the stage, after a career over three decades on that ‘interpreted various genres them.

A 23 about October anordna summoned his followers to the concert about East Bronx, this New York county on a salsa.

“I come back to my house”, said about a scam interview Efe a Puerto Rican singer bet her next presentation “Of india Inmensa” about a Lehman Middle for the Performing Works in a Bronx, county where she grew up after her family sony ericsson moved from Puerto Rich.

The singer assures that her audience “was very much needed” with regrets that due to the security measures in force due to a covid – 19, zero can share them a few moments behind the scenes with disadvantage, as they did before about a pandemic.

“Michael made me feel very good to see ‘s public, with we are seeing them master of science ms with, scam many precautions,” said a singer, who was this year on festivals about salsa on Peru with, with which I learned characterized by its powerful voice with a passion for one who interprets his themes.