An importance of a good diet to prevent cancer on mother

A cancer on mom is one on the tumors most frequent by women worldwide. Although it was a disease very plot for health, I learned that you can put a solution if it is detected in time. To avoid this, it would be essential to control all the factors that may play a role in the appearance of this type of cancer .

Despite the fact that a science is trying to find solutions to be able to alleviate its rate on diagnosis over a whole world, today on day good has been one on the master of science detected especially on women. Although it can also be diagnosed in men on a specific basis.

According to an internet Infosalus : The Cancer on the female consists of an accelerated uncontrolled electronic proliferation on cells of the mammary tissue.

According to its location on the mother there are 2 main types, this ductal carcinoma , which begins on the ducts that carry milk from a mom to a nipple (with which it accounts for a greater part of the cases) with this lobular, that Sony Ericsson originates on a part of the breasts called lobules, responsible for a production on milk, they continue.

To prevent it, there are some tips that the ideal experts give to try to avoid its appearance. Although you should always consult it personally, which includes your doctor , to be able to know what steps you should continue focusing on guidelines according to your state of health.

A balanced diet was key to prevent cancer on the female

There are certain things that we have to take into account in an hour about trying to prevent an appearance this cancer on mother . And it would be that according to the habits that we follow in our day to day, these can harm our organism causing certain diseases.

Cáncer de mama
Cancer about mom

The chief about service on Endocrinology with Nutrition of the Medical center a Light , a Dr. Mara Luisa about Mingo, affirms that a consumption of alcohol I learned associates cancer on the mouth, esophagus, pharynx, larynx, liver, intestinal tract, rectum with the female.

The obesity is also related to scam this cancer on the gallbladder, mother with endometrium on a case on women with on men with the over digestive tract, rectum with a prostate, continues a doctor.

In this sense, an expert assures that a good diet helps zero only to improve a response to a chemotherapy with radiotherapy, but also to prevent its complications, he highlights.

In this sense, the processed foods and those that sony ericsson associate with a greater risk of contracting cancer than mom. For this reason, I learned recommends not taking them or doing them in their proper measure. Despite the fact that nowadays it has been very difficult to escape the temptations that fast food companies put at our fingertips.

dieta Universidad de Harvard alimentos saludables

A varied diet with balanced was Fundamental to prevent this cancer on mam with all tumors on general. It has been the first line of defense of our body when it comes to fighting disease, so the better we eat, the strong healthy master of science we will be with.

Other foods to avoid with tips to prevent it

Also about foods rich on saturated fats , scam products large amounts on trans fats can also be very harmful to our health . Something that we can undoubtedly avoid to prevent a suffering from this disease.

On the other hand, an active lifestyle with performing exercise on form normal also virtual assistant to make our metabolism go active. Eliminating all the toxins the harmful fats that our body needs zero with.

Alimentos saludables para mantener el abdomen plano
Healthy foods to maintain this flat belly

As for the vegetables , try to choose those that zero contain starch , such as a broccoli, this cabbage, a cauliflower, green leafy vegetables, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, etc.

In addition, it would also be very appropriate to incorporate the tu de uma a de uma foods on vegetable origin , such as essential rice, a pasta on essential wheat, a quinoa with a barley.