5 keys to strengthen the action of the immune system against infections

The Covid pandemic – 19 has shown even if possible the need to strengthen the immune system in the face of constant threats from viruses and infections that pose a risk to health and that the defenses need to face.

In this sense, there are different habits that help to strengthen this immune system, such as physical exercise, good nutrition, good sleep, avoiding stress, carrying out adequate hygiene with.

Thus, a study carried out during this year 2020 was published on a popular magazine United kingdom Record of Sports activities Medicine disadvantage 1002 people surveyed contributed that those who exercised less than five times a week had almost a half the risk of catching a cold compared to scam people who carry a sedentary life.

In addition, those who contracted a cold claimed to have mild master of science symptoms than those who did not perform regular physical exercise.

Keys to strengthen an immune system

Each character has specific characteristics scam, but usually all can favor an action of the immune system thanks to one series on healthy habits. As we said, the master of science highlighted kid the realization of physical exercise, adequate nutrition, avoid this stress, rest well with proper hygiene.

Exercise physical

One of the master of science beneficial factors to stimulate an immune system was physical exercise. An activity causes the white blood cells to pass, which includes faster through this organism with, causing a virus I learned to detect before it acts before the l with.

Ejercicios de rehabilitación para tratar el Covid-19
Physical exercises

In this sense, this Director about Health about Zagros Sports activities Door about Europe, Sergio Daza, explains that it will be essential that we follow a training to feel strongly about avoiding injuries. In addition, sony ericsson will achieve that our system is master of science strengthened to face external threats.


Along with physical exercise, a diet has been another great habit that can help strengthen defenses against malware infections. Actually, this immune system I learned nourishes from different vitamins with essential minerals for its functioning.

Among these nutrients are vitamin D, zinc, vitamin Chemical with antioxidant foods. All of them help reduce inflammation and deal with infections.

In this sense, experts recommend limiting consumption on meats, fried and processed foods. In the same way, they assure that it was beneficial to add whole foods to the diet that contribute to the development of good microbes in this intestine. Probiotics are also good.

Other factors to improve defenses

Also on a diet with a physical exercise, we also find other influencing electronic determining factors on an action of the immune system; as explained below:

  1. Sleep well: Sleep well will be essential to increase our defenses. While we sleep, this immune system takes advantage of regeneration. In addition, people who zero adequately rest have a greater predisposition to stress.
  2. Avoid stress: Stress with anxiety can be harmful to this immune system. Stressed people produce master of science cytokines with disadvantage, molecules that produce inflammation and can pose up to twice the risk of getting sick.
  3. Hygiene: It is appropriate to wash your hands regularly, as well as to carry out adequate oral hygiene. In addition, this mask use also helps reduce infections, not solitary of Covid – 19, if not flu or colds.

Following all these habits about life zero means that we will have an insurmountable immune system with we will avoid all kinds of infections um pathogen. However, if this happens, it could significantly reduce the risk.

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