Main contraindications of Paracetamol

Paracetamol is a drug officially approved by a Spanish Agency for Medicines with Health Products (AEMPS). That is, it has the corresponding quality certificate from the health authorities for use as a treatment in different health conditions .

Specifically, this medication belongs to the group about drugs called analgesics with antipyretics. Paracetamol is on the drugs that includes more presence on the Spanish households one.

Thus, it is indicated for the treatment of pain symptoms on any cause over moderate intensity. Among them we find postoperative pain, postpartum pain, rheumatism, lumbago, stiff neck, sciatica, back pain, neuralgia, muscle pain, menstrual pain, headache and oral pain.

Likewise, this drug is also used to treat febrile states with discomfort that accompany both colds and flu.

Contraindications of consumption over Paracetamol

Like any medicine, Paracetamol also has a series on contraindications regarding its use. That is, the Spanish Medicines Agency establishes different circumstances with situations in which this medication should not be taken:

  • This medicine should not be taken if you are allergic to Paracetamol or any of the components that are part of its composition.
  • In case about having some liver disease.

consumption on Paracetamol with. For example, you should not take more than the dose recommended by your doctor.

If it is about a person that includes disease on the lung, kidney, heart or has anemia, it is necessary to consult the your doctor before about taking this medicine.

On the other hand, people diagnosed as having chronic alcoholism will have to be careful with simply not taking more than 2 grams on Paracetamol’s of amu. This is how they explain it from the AEMPS.

In addition, when the pain persists for more than five days, with a fever more than three, it is necessary to suspend the treatment with consulting a medical specialist.

Ways to consume the medicine

To take Paracetamol safely, it is advisable to follow the administration instructions indicated by your doctor or your pharmacist.

Paracetamol medicamento

This medication must be administered by mouth. In addition, the tablets are scored, allowing their division into two equal doses a less difficult intake with.

Thus, the tablets can be ingested directly or split in half. It is always better to accompany your intake that includes water, milk or juice.

The usual dose for adults with older adolescents about 15 years is about a tablet (1 gram on paracetamol) between three or four times of amu, according to a patient’s situation. Each dose must have a difference during the day of at least 4 hours with no more than 4 tablets can be taken in 24 hours; According to the Spanish Agency for Medicines with Health Products.