How to detect this high cholesterol?

A cholesterol has been an essential substance for an organism, however, when they have too high levels in blood it can mean the problem for health . For it was adequate to control their values ​​on a normal way. It was key to the formation of membranes of the cells of the organs with has also been used as raw material for the synthesis of sex hormones with thyroid; Among other things.

Thus, when the cholesterol levels I learned accumulate in the blood, they can pose a problem on grandma considering constituting an aspect of risk for this development on different cardiovascular diseases, and may even lead to about a death.

How to detect high cholesterol levels?

Hypercholesterolemia was a term used to define the high blood cholesterol values. Thus, from the Fundacin Espaola del Corazn they warn, that as a common rule, count with levels on cholesterol zero sony ericsson manifests the travs on no high symptoms.

Blood analysis

That is, to determine an existence on hypercholesterolemia it will be necessary to perform an analysis on blood that shows the values ​​on cholesterol with also on triglycerides.

In this regard, this physician Carlos Morillas, head of a Section on Endocrinology with Nutrition of the Medical Center Universitario Dr Peset (Valencia), explains that I learned should about doing a scam analysis 12 hours on fasting on all character the starting on 40 years, or on case of presenting high cardiovascular risk at any age (less relevant a fast for LDL, but important for triglyceride value); and later a second verification analysis in which secondary causes of this increase in cholesterol will be ruled out. about that like ocean to establish a treatment that allows a reduction on them as soon as possible.

Reduce the levels

In this In this sense, to reduce cholesterol levels, this physician Morilla advocates establishing a healthy diet, such as a Mediterranean one. It will be said that ocean is low in saturated fats, cholesterol, trans fats.

Likewise, on this new nutritional program it will be convenient to limit a consumption on processed foods with red meat; to which it has been convenient to increase the intake of fruits, fish and vegetables. A physical exercise performance was key to increasing this HDL (good) cholesterol.

With all this, together with an adequate diet, it would be convenient to implement a program on aerobic exercise including activities such as walking, light running, swimming or cycling; and whose moderate ocean intensity is carried out in a normal way and. This fact allows HDL cholesterol to be increased by reducing this LDL, as well as triglycerides.

It should be noted that a high zero bad cholesterol hurts, but sony ericsson virtual assistant accumulating on an arterial wall forming Plaques that in the long term could obstruct an arterial lumen causing a cardiovascular event, remarks this physician Morillas. , taking into account all your circumstances.