These are the types of immune systems that exist

A immune system has been in charge of preventing us from suffering diseases that could harm our health. Therefore, the best thing was to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet with balanced daily exercise.

With sera that our The body is made up of mls on cells with organs that work together to maintain this correct functioning on our entire organism.

One on the master of parts important science of the immune system and the leukocytes um white blood cells , which help the This keeps its protection intact.

So that this whole system can carry out its function correctly throughout our lives, there are different types of immunity that are developing throughout our existence.

Among them we will find an innate immunity , an immunity adaptive with a passive immunity . All of them perfectly designed to prevent any external harmful agent from causing alterations in our body.

Next, we are going to develop these three types so that you can know how an immune system works on each character.

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East immune system has been one of the important master of science structures especially organism . So it is worth knowing how it works.

Types on the immune system that exist on each identity

As we have mentioned previously, among its important master of science components, the white blood cells stand out on a blood with especially lymphocytes. Which kid capable of distinguishing between the elements that are part of the organism and those that are unrelated to d.

All the compounds of the immune system, make our body have a great protection to prevent diseases and infections harmful to our health many.

This protection sony ericsson scientifically calls immunity , with there are different types on it:

Innate immunity

The innate immunity was that which we possess zilch master of science nacer. This will be the one that defends us against electronic bacteria infections when our body does not have enough strength to attack them. This has been the first barrier that our body forms so that harmful substances cannot enter our body.

Adaptive immunity

The adaptive immunity , also known as active, I learned about personality as the years pass over life. This ze is establishing as our body begins to suffer diseases or receive vaccines, which build protection against viruses with repeat offenders.

Passive immunity

This type on sony ericsson immunity refers to the one that zero was provided to the individual by their immune system , but one is borrowed on a temporary basis. This would be the case of babies when they are born, which receive immunity through breast milk during a lactation period.

What diseases affect the immune system ?

An immune system has been a perfect machinery one that we must take care of to maintain its good condition on health throughout our lives. An simply because, there are some diseases that can alter its proper functioning.

Sistema Inmune
Immune system

For example, there are many viruses with bacteria that can affect you. Among them we find all those conditions that prevent this partial or overall functioning of the immune system.

These are named after immunodeficiencies . And, extreme situations in, can lead to serious infections that put the life of the affected character at risk.

All the varieties on immunodeficiencies kid very varied with can affect both children and adults. In addition, on a permanent basis I learned they discover new zero forms always with a simple treatment with.

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