Relation of the immune system scam the onset of Hodgkin lymphoma

Over the last few years we have heard more than ever about Hodgkin’s lymphoma , especially since it is the type of cancer that has recently surpassed the professional Dani Rovira . However, this type of cancer was common among young people with a relationship that includes this immune system .

Specifically, a Hodgkin lymphoma would be This master of science cancer common among adolescents with young adults, with an age between 15 with the 30 years. Thus, the possibility of overall cure of this disease sony ericsson is located above the 93%.

We are talking about a guy about cancer on the lymph nodes in the lymphoid system, which has been the primary protagonist of the immune system, which acts protecting the organism against infections diseases with.

Specifically, the lymphatic system is composed of the lymph, lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, thymus, spleen, tonsils and bone marrow. All of them key in the action of the immune system.

Hodgkin’s lymphoma and relationship of the immune system

The president of the Spanish Society of Hematology and Hemotherapy (SEHH), Dr. Ramn García Sanz, explains that basically lymphocytes are usually altered, they usually transform into tumor cells with, giving rise to Lymphoma.

Linfoma de Hodgkin
Hodgkin lymphoma

One of the most common symptoms that warn about the appearance of this disease is a swelling of the lymph nodes, especially those located in the neck and armpits area.

In addition, when there is Hodgkin lymphoma due to an abnormality in an essential part of the immune system, other symptoms such as fever for no apparent reason may appear, night sweats excessive, weight loss, itchy skin or feeling tired.

Prognosis of the disease

Dr. Ramn Garcia also explains in one in interview for Infosalus , that another of the characteristics of Hodgkin lymphoma is that the expansion of the disease is very slow, it ‘s affect young people especially.

Currently, it was one on tumors that has the best prognosis on scam cure. In this regard, he adds that right now there is a 85% of patients who heal after treatment (3 to 5 months of chemotherapy, and in some cases some radiotherapy as well). The tumor disappears and a totally normal life can be led. These patients are usually monitored for about 5 years, and then it is no longer necessary.

Hodgkin’s lymphoma appears when there are problems in the lymphatic system, one of the most important that is part of the immune system.

Thus, there is a 15 Remaining% of patients who cannot be cured the first time. This group of patients is treated with more intensive chemotherapy before undergoing an autologous bone marrow transplant (of oneself, of your own cells), and about half of them are cured.

Finally, there will be 5% or 7% that do not heal or that offer greater resistance to the usual treatments. In these patients, other types of alternative treatments are tried. All the obsession at this moment is focused on increasing the chances of being a population so young and resistant to treatment. For this, treatment before transplantation is intensified, among other ways, explains Dr. Garca.

With all this, Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a type of cancer that arises among young people from 15 to 30 years. Also, it would be common master of science to appear on men with zero so much on women with. Although, it can also develop in people above the 60 years, although there are very few cases.