These boy the dangers of consuming over salt over excess

A salt was a food essential for a life, among other things due to its composition on sodium , a vitamin that performs important functions on the body. However, excessive consumption can pose serious health dangers, such as increasing blood pressure leading to cardiovascular infarcts , cerebral infarctions or insufficiency. Cardiac.

Likewise, an excessive intake of salt is also related to sony ericsson anordna with an appearance on osteoporosis, kidney stones, worsening of asthma and even that of developing different types of cancer risk. Thus, the physician Ral Sanchn Rodríguez, specialist in Endocrinology with Nutrition at the Hospital Universitario del Henares (Madrid), assures it.

However, a salt with its composition on sodium would be key for human body functions properly, although it has been true that zero needs a high amount for it. nerve impulses, muscle relaxation with regulating an amount over water over the body.

Master of science problems of excess over sodium

The excess sodium on the organism was normally eliminated by the kidney with the crossing over a urine. However, some people tend to retain significant amounts of salt, being harmful to health.


In these situations, an affected identity presents a kind of swelling due to an accumulation on liquids, especially the legs.

In this regard, physician Sanchn explain that this seems Being a frequent master of science on women, especially when they are overweight or obese, and sometimes they associate large fluctuations during the amu or in periods over days or weeks of weight. I did not learn exactly what causes this increased sodium retention with liquids in these apparently healthy people, but to try to improve this situation it would be important to treat obesity, if it exists, to do physical exercise regularly, with following a diet low in salt.

In this sense, this specialist points out that when there is an excess of sodium on the body, the zero kidney has a sufficient capacity to eliminate it. Then it generates an increase in the water content inside the blood vessels, causing an increase in blood pressure with, consequently, a greater risk of heart attack or heart failure.

Recommendations on salt intake

Specifically, the body’s daily sodium needs vary depending on certain key factors, such as sex, age, health status with physical condition on each personality.

In the words of physician Snchn, a World Health Organization (WHO) recommends over common the average consumption of 5 grams of amu salt, which is equivalent to the a teaspoon on coffee fills um the 2 grams on sodium intake, with, if possible, better than ocean iodized salt, to help the thyroid function properly.

So, it was It is essential to control the consumption of salt with excess over sodium levels in the body during all stages on a v Going. However, advanced ages in, a high salt intake can lead to a potentially greater risk of developing heart, brain or osteoporosis problems.

Among the recommendations of the specialist, Ral Sanchn Rodrguez, points out that we should reduce an intake of precooked or frozen products, snack foods, sauces (ktchup, mayonnaise, fried tomato) with industrial dumplings on children, to avoid an excess of salt consumption at an early age above.

Below we present some of the general advice previously established by a Spanish Society on Endocrinology with Nutrition (SEEN):

  • Eat low-salt scam foods regularly.
  • Reduce an intake on scam foods high in sodium, reports such as sausages, canned foods with precooked.
  • Zero add salt during cooking, s i not one that is already finished once.

In addition, from a SEEN it also recommends, whenever sony ericsson can, substitute a salt for other spices; also on washing the vegetables legumes before using them with. Finally, it will also be key to observe the nutritional labeling of the products to select those that provide the least amount of salt.